NX Customization and Programming

Use the NX API to Automate Product Development with Your Product and Process Knowledge

NX gives you a wide range of programming and customization tools to help you extend and tailor NX software capabilities to your specific needs. With simple, rapid automation capabilities and expert programming utilities, these NX customization tools can be employed by product development personnel as well as application developers.

Automation for Engineers

Simple NX Application Programming (SNAP) is an application programming interface (API) focused on simplicity and ease of learning. Intended for NX users, SNAP is an ideal tool for writing small programs that automate repetitive tasks.

For simple applications, SNAP offers very efficient programming and compact code. For typical tasks, SNAP programs contain 90 percent fewer lines of code and require only a fraction of the programming time required by other application development tools.

Journaling for Rapid Automation

NX also offers a journaling capability that records, edits and replays interactive NX sessions. You can edit the sessions with simple programming constructs and user interface components to rapidly create customized programs.

Customizing the User Interface

With menu and dialog box customization tools, you can easily tailor the NX user interface to your preferences, or create menus and dialog boxes for custom programs. These tools support interactive visual and drag-and-drop methods that streamline the process.

Tools for Application Developers

For programming specialists, NX delivers a robust API that supports standard integrated development environments. This language-neutral API provides complete access to NX core application functionality, and supports identical automation for Visual Basic, .NET, C#, Java and Open C++.

Knowledge-Based Engineering

You can increase NX speed and productivity by capturing design intent and engineering intelligence with Knowledge Fusion programs. A fully integrated knowledge-based engineering tool, Knowledge Fusion can create custom programs with embedded rules that capture design intent, performance requirements, and manufacturing constraints.

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