Industry Approach

Siemens PLM Software’s Focus on Industry

Over a decade ago, Siemens PLM Software began establishing industry-specific steering groups comprised of a select group of forward-thinking customers who are considered leaders in their industries and innovative in their use of our technology. These steering groups focus on business processes unique to their industry, the challenges associated with those processes and the new concepts that will dramatically improve them.

Siemens PLM Software also draws great insight from the rest of the Siemens AG family of businesses. To create the technologies and innovations of tomorrow, the experts at our integrated technology company cooperate across organizational and regional boundaries, working closely with customers, universities, research facilities and industry partners worldwide. This type of global and cross-industry reach is invaluable in gaining a broader understanding of the unique challenges that each industry encounters, and how product lifecycle management (PLM) technology can help companies address those challenges.

With this well-established expertise in industries and our dedicated industry working teams, Siemens PLM Software developed the Industry Catalyst Series. Each catalyst provides organizations with industry best practices, deployment accelerators and configurable solution components. As the name implies, this approach to PLM accelerates the time and value of each industry implementation while providing an environment for swift adoption of new technology.

No matter what industry you’re in — automotive or aerospace, electronics or energy, marine or medical, machinery and more — Siemens PLM Software helps you realize innovation.

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