Build Quality

Meet product quality targets with efficient quality assurance and analysis solutions

Due to dimensional variation during production, every manufacturer must assure build quality throughout the assembly process. This can require multiple machines and methods to validate product quality requirements are being met. Whether you are a single-plant manufacturers or a large, multi-national OEM, this can mean many differing data formats and multiple data stores, which require manual intervention to collect, translate and analyze measurement results. When problems occur, quality assurance departments must react quickly and decisively to correct non-conformances.

Tecnomatix build quality solutions from Siemens PLM Software allow manufacturers to automate data collection, translation, analysis and reporting of the latest inspection results, providing a consistent view of production quality in a single user interface.

Dimensional Planning and Validation

Dimensional Planning and Validation (DPV) is an integrated set of tools, based on Teamcenter, for the real-time collection, storage, management, reporting and analysis of measured quality data. It can bring measured quality data from the shop floor into a single-source measurement database or your PLM platform.


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