NX CAE Now Powered by Simcenter

On June 14, 2016, Siemens introduced its new simulation software portfolio called Simcenter. Simcenter powers all of Siemens’ simulation capabilities for predicting product performance.

Simcenter 3D, a new product within the Simcenter portfolio, includes all of the same capabilities that existed in NX CAE, along with many new capabilities. Additionally, Simcenter 3D introduces new solutions and capabilities that were not previously available in NX CAE, such as acoustics, motion tire models, advanced report writing and more. If you are an existing NX CAE user, you will not experience any changes to the user experience or workflows in Simcenter 3D, and all automation routines you may have created will continue to work just as they did before.

Learn more about Simcenter and Simcenter 3D by following these links:

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