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Bring a new dimension to your noise and vibration testing with a small and smart portable data acquisition system

The LMS SCADAS XS portable data acquisition system brings a completely new dimension to noise and vibration testing. In response to the continuous pressure to test products in real-life circumstances and against stringent deadlines, the compact LMS SCADAS XS provides the ideal size, flexibility and measurement performance for optimal mobility. The LMS SCADAS XS allows mobile diagnostics and troubleshooting – even by inexperienced users – for performing fast and reliable noise and vibration test measurements.

LMS SCADAS XS hardware is the first personal frontend portable data acquisition system suited for virtually any testing challenge that noise and vibration test engineers and technicians might encounter. The portable testing hardware builds on the trademark LMS SCADAS data acquisition systems functionality and adds further key benefits including:

  • Compact, portable solution
  • Four or more hours of battery autonomy
  • Mobile setup, monitoring and validation
  • Optional use in standalone mode, with a tablet or with a PC
  • 12+ channels

The 12+ Channel System

SCADAS XS - 12+ Channel System

LMS SCADAS XS offers channel testing capabilities and integrated signal conditioning. The channel system supports six or twelve analog input channels as well as binaural recording and stereo audio replay, digital artificial heads, dual analog tacho, digital controller area network (CAN) and global positioning systems (GPS).


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Tailored Tablet Application

SCADAS XS - Tailored Tablet Application

Maximum testing flexibility implies that you should be able to work independently, away from your PC and work station. The tailor-made LMS Smart Scope application runs on a tablet, which is included with the LMS SCADAS XS system.


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Optional Accessories

SCADAS XS - Binural Recording Accessories

The LMS SCADAS portfolio includes several data acquisition system accessories to help you get even more from your LMS SCADAS XS hardware. From a hands-free mounting kit to advanced binaural recording capabilities, these add-on options help you create the test setup that best suits your needs.


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Unparalleled Industry Application Range

SCADAS XS - Unparalled Industry Application

The LMS SCADAS portfolio contains a solution for virtually any noise and vibration testing scenario in the automotive, aerospace and industrial machinery industries, as well as many others. By maximizing efficiency and data availability, the portability and ease of use of the LMS SCADAS XS hardware enable a new range of testing possibilities.


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Increased Setup Flexibility with Network Compatibility

SCADAS XS - Unparalled Industry Application

LMS SCADAS XS systems can be combined in a distributed setup. This configuration considers the different systems as individual frontends and synchronizes time signals while streaming to a single measurement file following the precision time protocol (PTP) IEEE1558 standard. It allows setting up star topologies in frontend mode with 50m cable length using a standard CAT6E Ethernet connection.


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