Delivering End-to-End Solutions for Additive Manufacturing

An integrated design, simulation and digital manufacturing system for additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is enabling companies to reshape everything for optimal performance at a reduced cost. NX provides integrated software applications for additive manufacturing that allow you to quickly reimagine products, retool manufacturing and rethink business models. The streamlined, digitalized process from design model to printed part eliminates the need to translate and remodel parts between applications. With new, revolutionary additive manufacturing technologies you can create breakthrough products and transform your business.



Additive Manufacturing - Design

The way we develop products is changing. Convergent Modeling™ technology, generative design, and topology optimization drive stronger, more lightweight designs that can only be manufactured using new techniques such as additive manufacturing.


Additive Manufacturing - Simulate

To meet complex challenges, product engineering teams need a unified, shared 3D platform for all simulation disciplines to more accurately predict product performance, accelerate their simulation process and enhance the team’s flexibility and throughput.

3D Print

Additive Manufacturing - Print

Prepare and 3D print a new class of parts using a range of additive manufacturing technologies, including powder bed fusion and jet fusion (both powered by Materialise), hybrid additive and fused deposition modeling.

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