The Siemens cloud enables continuous innovation

We offer a range of cloud solutions to improve your business results

Our cloud strategy is to provide your business with a Digital Innovation Platform that leverages the cloud so that your business can realize continuous innovation. Innovation that is uninterrupted by non-value added IT activities and bottlenecks. Innovation that is no longer limited by out-of-date tools,  time consuming implementations and low performance caused by hardware limitations. Innovation that not only happens as fast as you can go, but also saves you money. We use the cloud to provide you with continuous, high speed innovation at lower cost to you.  

We offer four ways to gain access to our Digital Innovation Platform on the cloud. We offer Cloud Ready Products that you license and operate, Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) for building solutions and Managed Services where we operate our applications for you. You select the access that is right for your business. No matter what you choose, you will save money with Siemens Cloud solutions because they include subscription pricing, maintenance, support and  integrated multi-layer security. In addition they eliminate the IT costs associated with traditional desktop solutions and the cost of high performance hardware.

Our SaaS products provide instant access and are available immediately in our on-line store. Simply create an account, enter your payment information and start innovating. It’s that easy! Siemens SaaS includes instant access to new features and complimentary solutions. In addition, they provide you with unlimited cloud performance. They are the enabler for a continuous innovation experience from start to finish. Our customers no longer wait to deploy applications before they can start working and once they are working, they no longer waste time waiting for search results, data translations, data to load or render. Imagine how productive your business can be when your team can focus on high speed innovation using an integrated set of high performance tools with unlimited performance.

Our PaaS offerings enable you to tailor and extend the Digital Innovation Platform to support your business goals. PLM, MOM and IoT services are available today and support the development of cloud native solutions. They enable your SaaS business models and are the foundation of our open, cloud based eco-system. Core services are provided that are used by all applications to ensure a consistent user experience and integration with our partner eco-system. Our PaaS provides a set of services required for any industrial SaaS application including device connectivity, machine learning, big data analytics, 3D visualization, modeling and simulation. You can use our PaaS to tailor and extend the Digital Innovation Platform to make your business even more efficient. You can also use it to open up new markets and generate revenue by offering your applications and services to other members of the Siemens PLM eco-system.


Industrial Machinery

Industrial Machinery Catalyst on the Cloud

Cloud based Machinery catalyst provides machinery manufacturers with best practices and support for machine design engineering.


Siemens Cloud - Intosite

Cloud-based web application for production facilities information sharing and collaboration.

Managed Computer-aided Design (CAD)

Siemens Cloud - Rapid Start

Create, share and reuse product designs using NX and Solid Edge, managed by Teamcenter Rapid Start.

Product Intelligence

Siemens Cloud - Omneo

Product Intelligence automates insight from product performance data to create actionable intelligence.

Simulation on the Cloud

Siemens Cloud - Simulation

Predict product performance with cost-effective, scalable, and on-demand simulation solutions.

Cloud-enabled Solid Edge

Siemens Cloud - Cloud-enabled Solid Edge

Cloud-enabled design on your terms: easy access to 3D CAD, and the ability to quickly vault and share your design data.

Teamcenter Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Siemens Cloud - Managed computer-aided design (CAD)

Realize innovation with simplified deployment and flexible scalability for lower cost of PLM ownership.

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