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June 2018

Digital Engineering

Siemens Announces Solid Edge 2019 
Siemens has announced the latest release of Solid Edge software for mechanical and electrical design, simulation, manufacturing, technical documentation, and data management.

June 2018


Solid Edge 2019 has Arrived  
Siemens recently unveiled the newest member in its longstanding ‘Solid Edge’ family of CAD products.

June 2018


What's New for Solid Edge and NX  
At the annual PLM Connection user conference, Siemens PLM Software developers introduced Solid Edge 2019 and upcoming continuous-release delivery of NX, as well as a new partnership with HP to enable design for full-color 3D printing.

June 2018

What's New in Solid Edge 2019  
Siemens PLM has released details of its Solid Edge 2019 CAD package.

June 2018


Review: Siemens Solid Edge 2019  
With a wealth of new technology at its disposal after key acquisitions by Siemens PLM, Al Dean takes a look at the latest release of Solid Edge and finds a system that’s growing exponentially in its workflow and task coverage.

May 2018

Digital Engineering

Frontloading CFD is a Win for Business  

March 2017


Busy Bean
Continuous digitalisation at Swiss coffee machine manufacturer Thermoplan helps engineer the perfect cup of coffee.

February 2017

Eureka! Magazine

Time to Engineer Fusion Energy
There are grey areas between science and engineering. Such a case is fusion energy, and one British company has a clear development path for turning decades of science into a reality.

May 2016

Desktop Engineering

New Cloud Capabilities Revealed in Siemens PLM Software's Solid Edge ST9
Announced at Siemens PLM Connection in Orlando, it will provide flexible access Solid Edge with cloud-based licensing, user preferences and collaboration tools. In addition, the company says the new built-in data management capabilities will enable users to easily index their CAD models, while the new migration tools will enable rapid conversion of legacy design data from virtually any CAD system.

March 2016

Desktop Engineering

The Growing Demand For On-Demand CAD Licensing
When people are leasing a car, they tend to get a model that’s much nicer than what they can afford to buy,” says Cristiano Sacchi, co-founder of the online design software reseller Novedge. He suspects the same might be true of people renting software. “People might get a more sophisticated software package when the barrier of entry for cost is much lower."

February 2016


Robot Man: Fresh Thinking for Industrial Machines
The path from a child's toy to industrial robots that can operate in some of the world's most dangerous environments is an unusual, but remarkable interesting.

January 2016

How an Artist Approached CAD-Phillip Norman and Ross Robotics
Norman had spent the last decade of his life building a modular robotic system that is being touted as a breakthrough by engineers, roboticists and some of the world’s most clever scientists.

December 2015

Design News

Design Apps to Speed the Design Process
Here are a number of apps that streamline the design process with the goal of getting the products to end-users as quickly as possible.

Desktop Engineering

Robot Design Goes from Toy to Large Hadron Collider
Philip Ross, CEO of Ross Robotics, gave an inspiring keynote at Siemens PLM Software’s Solid Edge University (SEU) in Cincinnati, OH, this year.


Q&A with Dan Staples, Vice-President of Solid Edge Development
In an interview with Cadalyst, the executive discusses the state of Solid Edge ST, its position in the MCAD market, Solid Edge on the cloud, and more.

Desktop Engineering

Pay As You Go Software
Almost all browser-based, cloud-hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings are sold as subscription software … but not all subscription softwares are browser-based, cloud-hosted SaaS titles.

November 2015

Siemens Solid Edge and the Six Big Trends in CAD
If you are evaluating a CAD system, the future direction of that platform may be as important as the features it has today. With that in mind here are six major trends that we see for CAD along with commentary on how you can expect the Solid Edge CAD platform to address them.

What Synchronous Technology is - And Why You Can't Ignore It
IUsers will appreciate using Solid Edge primarily because of the design freedom that ST provides. You can design without the CAD program getting in the way. It’s really that good.


Where Solid Edge is Heading
This year marks the 20th anniversary of Solid Edge.


Solid Edge University 2015: Annual User Event Highlights Solid Edge ST8, Sneak Peak at ST9 and Introduces Msoft Surface Pro4
John Miller, senior vice-president and general manager, mainstream engineering at Siemens PLM, kicked off Day 1 by welcoming attendees, touting the company-supported Greenpower Education Trust, an academic program that promotes sustainable design and engineering to young students, and introducing the next speaker, who left most of us speechless.

June 2015

Nasa Tech Briefs

Femap Software Helps NASA Simulate Performance of James Webb Telescope
Because there will be only one opportunity for the JWST to succeed, every part and assembly of every system needs to be thoroughly tested on Earth to ensure that all instruments will function flawlessly under expected conditions.


The Strange Phenomena of Solar Flight
Engineering is often seen more widely as safe, calculated and sanitized, and it is all too easy to forget about those inspiring engineering success stories from yesteryear. The Solar Impulse story is sure to capture your imagination.

Desktop Engineering

Diversity in Medical Simulation Applications
Good dental health, the best possible vision, accurate laboratory tests and more owe much to products developed through simulation software.

Develop 3D

Solid Edge ST8 and Synchronous Technology
The simple truth is that for well over a decade (if not two) Solid Edge has been one of the most consistently impressive tools available on the market.

February 2015

Desktop Engineering

Centralizing CAD and PLM Workflows
Ocap SpA uses Teamcenter to help streamline data from across the globe.

December 2014

Medical Design Technology

CAD Solution Enables Faster Redesign of Advanced Brain Surgery Technology
Solid Edge helps team produce Alpha Omega’s next-generation microelectrode recording (MER) system used in neurosurgery.

September 2014

Design Product News

Internet of Things Redefining and Refining How Designers Use Data
At the Siemens PLM Software 2014 Analyst Event in Boston, senior VP Mainstream Engineering Karsten Newbury spoke with DPN about how the "Internet of Things" is part of a natural evolution in manufacturing.

Desktop Engineering

3D Printing the Car of the Future
When attendees arrived at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago last month, the Local Motors 3D printing demo was a must-see exhibit.

June 2014

A&D India

Reimagining What’s Possible in 3D Design
Siemens PLM Software hosted Solid Edge University 2014 (SEU2014) on May 12-14, 2014 at Atlanta, USA, to provide a unique opportunity to its users to enhance their productivity, and have a firsthand look at Solid Edge ST7.


Review: Solid Edge ST7
Solid Edge is one of the most mature 3D design and engineering systems available. Al Dean takes a look at some of the highlights in Solid Edge ST7 and finds that there’s still room for innovation with Synchronous Technology and elsewhere.


Siemens Introduces Solid Edge ST7
The latest release of Siemens’ Solid Edge software (Solid Edge ST7) will include new functionality that significantly accelerates the product design process.

Solid Edge ST7 Release – First Look
At Solid Edge University 2014 Dan Staples and his team outlined the main features coming with the new release, dubbed ST7.


Siemens Introduces Solid Edge ST7
Amid the palpable excitement of its most ardent users, Siemens introduced the latest release of its flagship software, Solid Edge ST7 at this year’s Solid Edge University in Atlanta, Georgia.

CAD Insider

Solid Edge Looking Like a Big CAD Company in Atlanta
Solid Edge University packs the room. Solid Edge is looking every bit like a big CAD company.

Siemens PLM Community

Dan Staples Woos the Crowd with Solid Edge ST7
Solid Edge ST7 received loads of applause and shouts during the session announcing the latest release this week at Solid Edge University (SEU) in Atlanta.

Desktop Engineering

GrabCAD Selects Siemens' Parasolid for Cloud-based PDM
GrabCAD has licensed Siemens’ Parasolid to provide 3D model interrogation, inspection and visualization within Workbench for cloud-based product data management (PDM). The official announcement was made at Solid Edge University today.


Solid Edge University 2014: Doing More by Doing Less
Siemens PLM Software unveils Solid Edge ST7, which pushes productivity by simplifying design reuse and executing many 3D modeling tasks more quickly than its predecessor.

February 2014

3D CAD World

Will CAD Subscriptions Shatter Cost Barriers to Entry
New monthly subscription plans make high-end CAD tools accessible to companies with low-end budgets. Article also available on Design World.

October 2013

Canadian Manufacturing/Design Engineering

Ordered vs. Synchronous Modeling in Solid Edge – Part 1
For those debating between the control of history-based modeling and the freedom of synchronous modeling in Solid Edge, the good news is you can leverage the advantages of both.

September 2013

Baltimore Sun

University of Maryland Receives $750 Million in Software
The University of Maryland, College Park receives a software grant valued at $750 million from a division of Siemens Corp. – the largest donation of its kind for both the electrical engineering giant and the state's flagship university. The software – used for product design, manufacturing and management – has already helped NASA develop the Mars rover "Curiosity" and helped the Callaway Golf Co. improve its clubs.

Washington Business Journal

UMD Gets $750M Siemens Software Grant
"As product complexity continues to grow, students with PLM software experience are expected to be highly recruited," said PLM software chief executive Chuck Grindstaff.

August 2013


Siemens Offers Monthly Subscription Option for Solid Edge
With more than 500,000 licensed seats in use, Solid Edge is gaining on the top two in mainstream 3D CAD.

July 2013

Popular Mechanics

Revving the Creativity Engine: Software Makes It All Happen
Increasingly, manufacturing begins not in a factory, but in a computer. Whether it’s a completely new sports car designed by thousands of enthusiasts in a “co-creation” environment or the organisation of the millions of lines of code behind most innovations in production-line cars, software is where the action is.

June 2013


Solid Edge University 2013
Part 1: Solid Edge ST6 Adds 1,300 User-Requested Features
Announced this week at the annual user conference, the "greatest version ever" is said to increase performance sixfold on some tasks


Solid Edge ST6 Revealed
Siemens PLM also introduces SharePoint version, mobile viewer.

Desktop Engineering

Solid Edge Comes Out Swinging at Annual User’s Conference
Solid Edge ST6 release focuses on attracting new users by improving productivity and collaboration.

January 2013

CAD Digest

Understanding Solid Edge ST5: A five-part series
Part 1: Installing Solid Edge
Part 2: Editing Engineering and Production Models with Solid Edge
Part 3: Working with 2D Files and Drawings in Solid Edge ST5
Part 4: Working with Data Imported into Solid Edge ST5
Part 5: Getting and Edge Over SolidWorks


Switch to Direct Modeling Speeds Furniture Maker's CAD Workflow
Kimball International moves to Solid Edge with synchronous technology and gains shorter design times and simplified reuse of legacy data.

Desktop Engineering

Meshing Your Design for Analysis: Which Path to Take?
Automation makes the job easier, but flexible options still rule. Whether generating ballpark figures or finely detailing nonlinear responses, engineers are increasingly using simulation software to analyze mechanical design behavior. A necessary part of the process requires subdividing the design into a mesh of 2D or 3D elements defined by nodes and closely following the geometry. This task can be tackled in one of three ways.

December 2012

Desktop Engineering

Siemens PLM Software Walks the Walk with Openness Promise
For those who think Siemens PLM Software’s talk about openness is just talk, it pays to consider its latest announcements, that while seemingly unrelated, seem to go a long way in underscoring its commitment to the much discussed strategy.

October 2012

Fast Company

How Two College Students Created a Prosthetic Arm for an Eight Year-Old
Daniel Wilson wanted a prosthetic to let him ride a bike and swing a bat (and he wanted it to be red), so two engineering students found an ingenious way to make one for him.

September 2012

Design News

Siemens Technology Stack Takes the Sting Out of PLM
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has always been a tough pill for enterprises to swallow, even for the largest companies in sectors like automotive and Aerospace & Defense (A&D), which have been among the earliest adopters of the technology. While historically, there's been no shortage of user interface enhancements and packaged templates and workflow customizations to ease deployment and improve accessibility, companies have continued to struggle to squeeze value out of PLM beyond its core roots as a souped-up repository for managing engineering data and change orders.

Design Engineering

Siemens NX 8.5 Reduces Time to Market
Siemens PLM Software has released NX 8.5, which includes extensive customer-driven enhancements and new capabilities that provide increased flexibility and productivity across product engineering and manufacturing to help reduce time to market, the company says.

The Engineer

Design Software Helps to Land Curiosity on Mars
Early last month, after an epic 8½ month voyage through the inner Solar System, NASA’s Curiosity rover touched down on the surface of Mars. Described by the space agency’s leadership as the most challenging robotic mission in its history, Curiosity’s journey to the red planet was a dramatic illustration of one of the great truisms of space travel: the success or failure of years of engineering effort frequently boils down to a breathless few minutes as the landing site comes into view.

CAD Insider

Siemens PLM - We're Just One Big Happy Family
In the race to be everything to everyone, Siemens PLM may be winning. The company known best for NX and Teamcenter was riding high on the shoulders of Siemens AG, the German juggernaut that seems to make just about everything. Maybe not cars or airplanes, but so much of what goes inside them.

Control Engineering

Siemens PLM Software Introduces RobotExpert Software
RobotExpert expands Siemens PLM Software's digital manufacturing solutions which include its Tecnomatix portfolio for digital manufacturing, automation and simulation. It enables the design, simulation, optimization and offline programming of robotic applications to maximize the speed, flexibility and operation of automated systems.

June 2012

Wind Systems Magazine

Automating Wind Blade Development From Root to Tip
By adopting and executing a product development process that integrates design with performance simulation to find problems before they occur, engineers can avoid blade failure in their designs.

March 2012

Manufacturing Automation

Simulation, Creation and Automation: A New Production Plant is Fully Optimized Before Construction
For the Siemens AG Energy Sector, a supplier of products, solutions and services for power generation, transmission and distribution, as well as for the production, conversion and transport of oil and gas, Plant Simulation software allowed them to lower costs and eliminate bottlenecks - all before construction of a new manufacturing plant began.

Machine Design

Synchronous Technology Sheds Light on Surgical Laser Design
This article describes how Energist Group in Nyack, N. Y., recently moved from several different CAD packages to standardize on one. The intent was to improve the design and manufacture of its surgical lasers and light-based devices for hair-removal and skin treatments.

February 2012


Composites for Complex Curvatures
Composites have long been used in aerospace but now a number of other industries - notably commercial automotive – are following. However, while both industries are becoming increasingly dependent on composites, these high tech materials are used very differently within aerospace and automotive. Cross fertilization of ideas does occur, but the two industries operate under very different criteria as discussed in this article.

Desktop Engineering

On a Mission to Mars
This article discusses how engineers designed and tested the latest Mars rover.

automotiveIT International

Siemens PLM: “Unreserved Support” for PLM Openness Codex
In this interview Siemens PLM Software CEO Chuck Grindstaff discusses his belief in open systems as well as upcoming new products, the changes in automakers’ PLM needs and the impact of new mobile technologies.


Software Enables Submarine Shipyard’s Composites-for-Metal Effort
When Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH looked for a software solution to reduce the risk of using composites for a greater range of thicker parts, FiberSIM software from VISTAGY enabled its engineers to develop initial designs more quickly and to better understand the impact of design changes.

Composites in Manufacturing

Synchronizing Development
This article demonstrates how Vistagy specialized engineering software can close the loop between design and analysis in aerospace applications and reap the benefits of composite materials.

January 2012


One Size Does Not Fit All When It Comes to Composites
This article discusses the need for industry-specific solutions that has led suppliers of composites engineering software to evolve their products, addressing emerging challenges with expanding capabilities to model the diverse set of materials and processes that are being employed and developed by the automotive industry today.

November 2011

Aerospace Engineering Online

Streamlining the Airframe Fastener Management Process
This article discusses how the Fastener Pattern capability in SyncroFIT 2011 incorporates design rules to position fasteners to satisfy edge distance, pitch, and tangent edge requirements while enabling a concurrent approach to part and assembly development.

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