PLM Solution for Oil and Gas Owner/Operators

PLM for Oil and Gas

Enterprise Technology for Oil and Gas

Product lifecycle management provides owner/operators in the oil and gas industry with advanced technology for managing risk and controlling costs on capital projects.

Product lifecycle management software for oil and gas industry owner/operators ensures innovative, safe, reliable, and cost-efficient projects, operations and processes

Over the next 20 years, capital expenditures are expected to increase as the demand for energy more than doubles. To deal with this increased demand, you will need to be prepared to adapt to changing market dynamics and control costs in complex operating environments.

To enable this agility, you must focus on a strict discipline in project execution; one that standardizes processes and positions your organization for the future. We call this perspective “Engineered Energy” because it breaks down project complexity and provides a structured approach to execution and risk management. It requires oil and gas companies to adopt a completely different approach to how enterprise engineering tools and applications are used and leveraged across the organization.

The Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Oil and Gas Owner/Operators solution helps you define a coherent information management strategy to consolidate information from disconnected enterprise tools into an overall management system that uses high-definition PLM (HD-PLM) to give you visibility into the costs and risks in your capital projects.

Enterprise Information and Process Management

The world’s leading oil and gas field services and equipment manufacturers are moving to HD-PLM solutions to create a business- and process-centric strategy for enterprise information management. This new approach to managing information includes the consolidation of all mission-critical engineering systems under a controlled configuration management system. This ensures that all types of enterprise information related to business innovation can seamlessly be tracked throughout the lifecycle from concept through production to installation and operations. Siemens PLM Software delivers the most modern enterprise information and process management system for oil and gas owner/operators, uniting disparate but important pieces of complex information under a single source of knowledge. Our PLM for Oil and Gas Owner/Operators solution helps you lower the cost of project execution by managing risk and costs at every level.

CAPA Planning and Execution

To find and solve problems fast, you need a corrective and preventative action (CAPA) software tool that allows you to capture issues, find solutions and be proactive in risk mitigation. PLM for Oil and Gas Owner/Operators offers a modern management platform that gives you the ability to capture, analyze and systematically trace and resolve project issues in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Supply Chain Management

In the oil and gas industry, thousands of suppliers must come together to deliver innovative, safe and reliable products and services. This global supply chain of partners and suppliers must be able to collaborate securely and effectively in order to design, develop, manufacture and deliver new assets. The JT data format supports the light-weight visualization of multi-CAD data. In addition, the PLM for Oil and Gas Owner/Operators solution delivers a flexible process for managing master document lists and the transmittal process, allowing the exchange of data reliably and flexibly with suppliers, partners and customers.

Advanced technology plays a key role in helping companies to be more efficient in project delivery. The PLM for Oil and Gas Owner/Operators solution delivers mission-critical technology for mission-critical oil and gas projects.

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