Automotive Quality Management

Improve your enterprise competitiveness using proven automotive quality management tools for part and assembly quality

Automotive quality control starts well before the actual production of vehicles in the assembly lines. Quality has always been an integral part of the design and manufacturing process planning steps of any new program. Automakers have to make sure that manufacturing processes conform to the design intent by ensuring that dimensional and tolerance specifications are achievable before starting production.

Siemens PLM Software’s digital manufacturing solutions for automotive quality help you increase your competitiveness by carefully monitoring the quality of products and processes. The tools aid in the adoption of lean manufacturing and Six Sigma programs by making it easy to share best practices and standardizing quality variables across the enterprise. This helps you reduce the causes of scraps and rework.

Assembly Process Quality

Using the Tecnomatix Dimensional Quality solution, you can verify that automotive assembly processes meet tolerance and dimensional requirements. You are able to:

  • Perform 3D tolerance stack-up analysis of complex assemblies and analyze how they are impacted by selected manufacturing processes
  • Define 3D features and tolerances within the CAD system and check if they conform to international standards such as ISO and ANSI/ASME

Shop Floor Quality

NX CMM Programming helps you achieve consistent and accurate analysis of inspection data collected from standard measurement machines, and check that specified part tolerances are met. Features include:

  • Embedded quality functionality within the CAD master model can be used for offline creation, optimization and verification of inspection programs for CMM and NC machines
  • Web-based tools provide access to inspection data, work instructions and programs from a central repository system throughout the extended enterprise
  • CMM and NC inspection programs can be executed, and inspection data analyzed directly from the shop floor

Production Quality Monitoring

With the Tecnomatix Build Quality solution, you can quickly analyze quality metrics of the “built” model from the “designed” model and take corrective actions to prevent error creep. The Tecnomatix Issues Tracking and Prevention solution also provides the enterprise-wide capability to capture and monitor issues, and helps you re-use existing corrective procedures. Features include:

  • Easy and fast access to quality dimensional data captured from the shop floor enable you to carry out a consistent, accurate analysis of discrepancies
  • Using CAD-embedded and web-based process monitoring applications, any causes of "out-of-tolerance" processes can be evaluated and promptly corrected
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