Digital Manufacturing for Automotive Powertrain

Achieve first-time quality goals for powertrain production

Automotive powertrain production has undergone significant changes in the recent years. The need for more fuel-efficient cars is driving increasing adoption of lightweight materials, including downsizing engine parts wherever possible. This trend requires automakers to handle more complex machining and assembly processes during powertrain production than in the past.

With digital manufacturing solutions for powertrain production from Siemens PLM Software, automakers can easily plan complete powertrain manufacturing operations. You can define CNC tool paths and calculate machining cycle times for specific stages of operations. Using integrated G-code-driven machine tool simulation, you can identify and avoid potential collisions issues between parts, machines or fixtures. Furthermore, the CNC work package can be delivered directly to the machines. This streamlined process chain can help you reduce powertrain manufacturing setup times and increase product quality.

Design for Manufacturability

An integrated NX Design and Manufacturing environment ensures changes are immediately reflected in the design and manufacturing engineering stages. You are able to:

  • Control the total cost of quality by ensuring that production capacity, technical issues, logistics, tools and machine-specific limitations are all taken into account before starting powertrain production
  • Quickly derive manufacturing models of newly designed parts using associative copies of existing plans

Define Powertrain Manufacturing Plans

A single environment for CAM, CMM Programming and Part Process Planning helps you increase collaboration between different teams. This allows you to:

  • Re-use proven powertrain manufacturing methods across global production locations
  • Manage planning data under full revision control in a secure environment
  • Communicate plant feedback quickly and efficiently to planning engineers using managed workflows

Create CNC Machining Programs

Using NX CAM software’s advanced programming capabilities for advanced machine tools, you can reduce machining time, eliminate errors and improve part quality with optimized machining operations. You are able to:

  • Automate the creation of CNC programs using feature-based machining and templates
  • Simulate machining to eliminate errors before production
  • Generate production-ready output for advanced machine tools
  • Manage CNC planning data under full revision control

CMM Inspection Programming and Simulation

With NX CMM Programming, you can simulate and validate CMM inspection programs to ensure that dimensional and tolerance specifications are achieved quickly and efficiently in production. You are able to:

  • Reduce CMM inspection programming time by using PMI information on the CAD model
  • Incorporate design and manufacturing changes into inspection programs quickly by using the associativity between NX CAD, CMM and CAM software applications

Standardize Resources

The Manufacturing Resource Library helps you take full advantage of shop floor resources including machine tools, cutting tools, fixtures and equipment. This allows you to:

  • Standardize tools and resources across powertrain production locations by managing the corporate library
  • Search and allocate resources to machining operations
  • Classify resources based on attributes in Teamcenter, including support for embedded 3D visualization

Deliver Released Plans to Production

Using NX Shop Floor Data Access, you can connect the managed PLM environment for design and manufacturing planning directly to shop floor systems. You are able to:

  • Author, manage, and share electronic work instructions with shop floor
  • Deliver CNC work packages to the point of execution on the shop floor
  • Integrate manufacturing engineering data with other shop floor automation systems
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