Digital Manufacturing for Automotive Final Assembly

Manage mixed-model production and ramp-up to volume production

The most crucial factor during automotive final assembly is to ensure that the product and production mix are managed accurately. This is necessary because manufacturers are building multiple car models, along with their associated trim levels, in a single assembly line. Nowadays, assembly lines are designed to build multiple car models simultaneously, and managing this complex mixed-model production process presents an enormous challenge for automakers. In addition, automakers are introducing global car models that are built across the different plant locations, and ensuring each plant adopts similar production standards is an additional challenge.

With digital manufacturing solutions from Siemens PLM Software, you can perform early evaluation of cycle time, estimate budgets and analyze assembly costs. Tecnomatix offers capabilities such as line balancing, enterprise process planning, throughput analysis and resource planning. With these tools, you can can reduce engineering change orders (ECOs) and increase final assembly productivity.

Final Assembly Process Planning and BOM Management

The Tecnomatix Process Design and Planning solution supports manufacturing planning of mixed-model scenarios, and provides complete visibility to product, process and plant requirements across global production facilities. You are able to:

  • Use best practices and standard templates to quickly develop assembly scenarios for new programs
  • Implement a single system for managing the design and manufacturing-specific bills of materials (BOMs), and thereby efficiently reconcile product and process changes

Tooling, Fixture and Equipment Planning

The Manufacturing Resource Library helps you automatically select the best tools and equipment for specific assembly operations, and check for process constraints early in the design stages. You are able to:

  • Categorize tooling, fixtures and equipment in a single, standardized resource library accessible to all members of the planning team
  • Manage tooling costs and estimates for different production scenarios
  • Compare initial versus actual costs to analyze ways to improve processes

Layout Design and Throughput Optimization

The Tecnomatix Factory Design and Layout solution helps you collaborate with 3D design and simulation tools to find the best plant layout and equipment locations. This allows you to:

  • Ensure cycle times are met using material flow and logistics analysis tools
  • Use stochastic methods, charts and reports to analyze production throughput parameters
  • Identify value added and non-value added activities early in the planning process to further improve production efficiency

Final Assembly Simulation and Process Validation

You can analyze and validate assembly process feasibility and simulation of all aspects of final assembly processes using Tecnomatix Simulation and Validation. With this solution, you are able to:

  • Simulate assembly, robotics, and logistics aspects of final assembly operations to ensure all model mixes and variants can be assembled as planned
  • Perform human simulation and ergonomic analysis to ensure human-performed tasks are safe and effective during final assembly

Shop Floor Documentation and MES Interface

With the Tecnomatix Shop Floor solution, you can reduce production errors and rework, as well as improve schedule accuracy, by providing up-to-date work instructions to the shop floor. Features and benefits include:

  • 3D shop floor work instructions can be easily accessed by a web browser
  • Work instructions and process information can be directly connected to the shop floor MES system, allowing direct communication between planning and production systems
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