Digital Manufacturing for Body-in-White

Accelerate launch of automotive manufacturing processes for body-in-white

The increasing presence of automation and robotics in automotive manufacturing is a well-known fact, and no other aspect of automotive manufacturing drives more automation than in body-in-white (BIW). In today's advanced automotive factories, almost all manufacturing operations for BIW are performed by robots. As automakers pursue modular platform strategies to consolidate their global car programs, it is essential than the BIW assembly processes are flexible, support re-use and can adapt to process changes quickly.

With Siemens PLM Software’s digital manufacturing solutions for BIW, you can accelerate project startup time and lower tooling and setup costs.

Body-in-White Process Planning

Using the Tecnomatix Process Design and Planning solution, you can develop an optimized BIW process plan to support your global production scenarios. Features and capabilities include:

  • A common 3D environment to visualize and analyze body design and manufacturing information such as weld points, datum and features
  • A hierarchical bill of process (BOP) structure showing the relationships between operations, manufacturing resources and product components
  • You can re-use existing templates to create an initial BIW process plan quickly

Equipment Planning

The Tecnomatix Robotics Simulation and Programming solution helps you quickly design spot welding and other robotic operations by utilizing a standard library of resources that include robots, fixtures, and weld guns. You are able to:

  • Get complete visibility to process constraints, requirements and cost
  • Automatically identify the most appropriate combination of welding guns, controllers and transformers according to process parameters
  • Perform offline programming and simulation of multi-robot operations with a high degree of confidence

Tool Design and Validation

Using NX for Tooling and Fixture Design, you can check tool clearance and process constraints before starting a line construction, and reduce the chances of discovering errors during production. Features include:

  • An integrated tool design and robotic simulation environment to accurately determine manufacturing feasibility
  • Analysis of tooling and equipment load and location so that you can implement corrective measures during the planning stages

Body-in-White Process Optimization

Tecnomatix Simulation and Validation helps you to resolve BIW process issues related to automation, process steps and human-performed tasks quickly and identify process changes required for launch and production. Capabilities and benefits include:

  • 3D simulations of the generated robot paths help you detect collisions, check reachability and optimize cycle time
  • Discrete-event process simulation allows you to analyze line performance, including throughput, resource utilization, bottleneck detection and buffer sizes
  • Human simulation and ergonomic analysis capabilities provide early detection of worker safety issues

Virtual Commissioning

With Tecnomatix Virtual Commissioning, simulation and control engineers can verify robot programs including system logic in a holistic simulation environment. You can:

  • Debug and validate programmable logic control (PLC) code driving automation equipment and safety interlocks in a 3D digital environment
  • Use various “what-if” scenarios to perform system diagnosis and ensure mechanical sequences, safety interlocks and hardware functions are properly defined

Production Feedback

The Tecnomatix Build Quality solution can be used to collect directly dimensional quality data from measurement devices and perform root-cause analysis for fast troubleshooting of production issues. Features include:

  • An integrated environment for managing dimensional build-quality data within the manufacturing process definition
  • Collaboration tools that enable the sharing of lessons-learned and a significant reduction in scrap
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