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  1. B&P Littleford Case Study

    Siemens PLM Software helps B&P Littleford standardize
    on one design and simulation tool.

    43k |
  2. Buma Engineering & Anlagenbau Case Study

    Buma uses Solid Edge to develop large
    mechatronic systems for the steel industry.

    44k |
  3. Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences Case Study

    SeAMK uses a Digital Factory to enable Finnish firms to explore digitalization
    opportunities and create an innovative learning environment.

    50k |
  4. E-Make Case Study

    Tool wagon manufacturer uses Solid Edge to verify customer ideas
    faster and reduce response and quotation time.

    44k |
  5. Sensile Medical Case Study

    Sensile Medical achieves solid growth with Siemens
    PLM Software solutions and Quadrix.

    48k |
  6. Taiwan Fylin Case Study

    Advanced 3D modeling and sheet metal design help Taiwan Fylin develop
    and manufacture high-quality air cargo containers.

    44k |
  7. MOLD’ALP Case Study

    MOLD'ALP combines molding expertise with advanced
    3D CAD to gain competitive advantage.

    45k |
  8. Thermoplan Case Study

    Continuous digitalization at Thermoplan helps
    engineer the perfect cup of coffee.

    43k |
  9. Designplan Lighting Case Study

    With Siemens PLM Software solution, Designplan saves
    time and increases rate of production.

    47k |
  10. Medipack Case Study

    With Solid Edge part families, Medipack AG solves demanding packaging
    tasks for international clients and offers a comprehensive range of packaging ...

    44k |
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