Supplier Innovation through Model-Driven Program Execution

The keys to automotive supplier success are greater innovation, integrated manufacturing, and improved program planning and execution

Mandatory fuel economy and emission regulations, increasing use of electronics and embedded software, as well as management complexity due to increasing globalization, are a few of the key challenges faced by the automotive industry. Vehicle light-weighting, development of alternative propulsion systems and energy optimization, as primary strategies to meet these standards, are driving a greater rate of change in technology innovations and adoption, more complex systems and increased use of embedded software to control them. As a result, new programs require more innovative content, while program visibility and transparency into design status, timing, cost, and part/system validation has become even more critical for suppliers. This can be accomplished by “Executing Program Innovation” through a model-driven approach. Siemens PLM Software’s solution for Model-Driven Program Execution helps automotive suppliers optimize designs through cross-discipline development while improving program visibility and risk management.

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