Tecnomatix 12 Solutions for Manufacturing Simulation

Realize innovation with Tecnomatix discrete event simulation and advanced industrial robot programming

Tecnomatix 12 includes enhancements to manufacturing simulation in the areas of discrete event simulation and advanced industrial robot programming, which help you gain the insight necessary to optimize the real-world performance of plans. These solutions help you to:

  • Try out variations of the manufacturing process digitally, with a high degree of accuracy
  • Verify methods and resources earlier, prior to production
  • Reduce the need for physical tryouts
  • Achieve right-first-time manufacturing plans

Robotics Programming and Simulation

Advanced Robotics Programming and Simulation

You can achieve higher levels of quality and production efficiency by using industrial robot programming to automate more processes. Tecnomatix 12 adds new support for the latest dual-arm and cooperative robots, with advanced capabilities for interactive path planning, simulation and offline programming.

Discrete Event Simulation

Plant Simulation Enhancements

Optimize production performance by simulating your manufacturing process in a 3D digital environment. Tecnomatix allows you to apply lean manufacturing principles, justify capital investments, and optimize material flow for discrete manufacturing as well as process industries.

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