Tecnomatix Manufacturing Simulation and Validation

Achieve lean manufacturing objectives and create right-first-time manufacturing plans

Tecnomatix Simulation and Validation solutions help you verify the methods and resources being defined and selected during manufacturing planning, resulting in proven, right-first-time manufacturing plans. You can achieve smart, fast, lean manufacturing through the virtual validation of production processes, equipment and systems. With manufacturing simulation, process plans are validated long before production implementation, providing you with the confidence that you have defined the right-first-time operations, resources and system configuration.

Our manufacturing simulation and validation applications allow you to:

  • Discover and resolve late-stage changes earlier, when they are easier and less costly to fix, through the use of simulation
  • Reduce the need for physical tryouts, thereby reducing system startup time for your automation systems
  • Evaluate variations in manufacturing process and production throughput with a high degree of accuracy
  • Easily perform engineering studies, including ergonomic factors of human operations

Assembly Simulation and Validation

Assembly simulation and validation allows you to simulate assembly sequences, human tasks, and machine interactions to optimize assembly processes before the start of production.


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Robotics Simulation and Programming

You can develop and simulate manufacturing processes for robotic applications, including tooling and peripherals. You can also construct studies based on event-driven simulation capabilities and offline programming for automated systems.


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Logistics and Material Flow Simulation

With logistics and material flow simulation, you can analyze and visualize production throughput and performance using discrete event simulation. This allows you to quickly check for bottlenecks, validate transported materials, and view resource utilization over time for multiple process alternatives.


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Human Simulation and Ergonomics

Using advanced scaling for accurate human simulation and some of the most sophisticated human factors and ergonomics analysis capabilities available, you can build safer and more ergonomic human operations.


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