Factory Layout and Optimization

Create 3D factory designs faster and optimize factory operations

The Tecnomatix factory layout and optimization solution allows you to design, layout, and configure your factory environment, as well as optimize factory operations (throughput and logistics) using digital 3D factory models and advanced software tools.

By developing 3D virtual models of production systems, you can optimize factory layouts and ensure that factors such as clearance, energy, noise and safety are taken into consideration before starting production. By giving design teams the ability to see the outcome of plans in virtual facilities, you can avoid costly expenses and wasted resources that occur when problems are discovered in real facilities.

Line Designer

Line Designer is an advanced application to design and visualize layouts of production lines in NX™ software. The integrated Siemens PLM Software system enables you to easily associate the designed layout to manufacturing planning.


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FactoryCAD is a 3D layout application that provides you with a way to create detailed, intelligent factory models. FactoryCAD allows you to work with “smart objects” that represent all the resources used in a factory.


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FactoryFLOW software is a graphical material handling system that helps you optimize layouts based on material flow distances, frequency and costs. Factory layouts are analyzed using part routing information, material storage needs, material handling equipment specifications and part packaging information.


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In Context Editor (ICE)

In Context Editor (ICE) is a Teamcenter interface and allows you to store and retrieve 2D/3D data created in FactoryCAD. ICE provides a collaborative environment for managing your factory layout data, maintaining the layout plan in the context of the manufacturing bill of process (BOP) information.


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