Product-to-production platform delivers agility through shop floor execution excellence

The complexity of seizing and maintaining a competitive advantage in global markets requires a new level of agility in your new product development and launch operations. Many manufacturers use advanced robotics and networked, collaborative machines and sensors to create an organized integration of networks with direct connection to the broader value chain.

We believe that this value chain also needs to include a link that delivers a significant advantage over traditional models: the intelligent product-to-production platform. Our solution for product lifecycle management (PLM) and manufacturing execution system (MES) integration directly links product requirements, design and manufacturing information to your shop floor execution systems. It is a seamless pathway that not only enhances production agility, but also allows you to increase the speed and accuracy of delivering innovative products and optimized methods to where it counts most: real-world production.

PLM-MES integration allows you to continuously respond to shifting demands by distributing your latest product designs and assembly methods to a more connected, more efficient and more effective production value chain, assuring complete visibility between your production and engineering domains. As the speed of technological change, shifting consumer demands and competitive pressure increases, you can seize your competitive advantage with Siemens’ intelligent product-to-production platform.

Increase Speed-to-Market

Speed-to-market is a competitive advantage as long as you’re making good decisions, not rushed decisions. The PLM-MES solution leverages the Teamcenter platform to ensure that your engineering teams, from design to production, have the right information in the right context to deliver optimized execution plans directly to your manufacturing operations.

Understand Your Options

Manufacturing execution systems increase the visibility of key performance indicators to ensure that your operations are running at peak efficiency. The PLM-MES solution from Siemens delivers the transparency you need to easily understand the range of options you have to most effectively execute and continuously improve your production strategies.

Control Quality

In the lifecycle of quality information, manual processes introduce the risk of errors in specifications that were defined well before they reach production. Integral to our PLM-MES solution is a range of quality components that automate the steps quality specifications take on their journey to your critical inspection operations on the shop floor.

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