Extend manufacturing collaboration between functions within a company, a factory or across factories with production information using a digital twin

Tecnomatix® Intosite software is a cloud-based web application that maintains a 2D, 3D and panoramic image based representation of a production facility, presents it in its geographical context, and allows you to navigate through the facility in the simple and familiar way you navigate Google Maps™. Intosite enables efficient collaboration with the entire team across sites and navigation of the digital twin of the shop floor with remote access in a 3D setting.

Intosite allows users to navigate through a photo-realistic, 3D representation of buildings and production facilities. The model combines precise layout data of the production facility with accurate information on all machines, equipment and furnishings that are located in the space represented by the virtual model. The 3D images of the objects can be computed from CAD data or on the basis of photographs of the machines, robots and production lines. Users can view the model from all sides or walk through the virtual space. With Intosite you can retrieve real-time data in a 2D, 3D and panoramic image context from almost any IT system including MindSphere and design, manufacturing and facilities information managed in Teamcenter® software, as well as the geographical location of your assets. You can easily access production information for resources, assets and equipment.

Intosite deploys as a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, with the software and the associated data hosted on the cloud that you can access via a web browser. This way, you do not need to invest in hardware or manage the software installation and ongoing maintenance.

Navigation and Visualization

IntoSite - Navigation and Visualization

Intosite creates a 2D/3D/panoramic representation of your factories and enables you to navigate between sites. You can visualize your current (or future) production facilities in their geographical position and take a virtual tour through them.

Intuitive Access to Production Information

IntoSite - Intuitive Access to Production Information

Using Intosite, you can create visual tags in the 3D geographical context. The tags point to Internet URLs, files or configured data. Clicking a tag immediately takes you to the desired information. Teamcenter users can visualize assets by launching Intosite from Teamcenter, while Tecnomatix Intosite users can view configured data that is governed by Teamcenter access rules.

Manage Information about Assets and Systems

IntoSite - Manage Information about Assets and Systems

The 3D context navigator allows immediate access to specific locations inside the factory/building and easy access to relevant data. When users are looking for information based on location the chance that they will make a mistake and find incorrect information decreases dramatically. Having location based information helps to understand the exact status of the plant and its facilities. At any virtual facility location, engineers or other team members can add visual tags to the 3D facility representations in Intosite - just as they would in Google Maps - and upload/download content such as videos, documents and images to these visual tags. Through its unique, visually-oriented and straight-forward interface, Intosite supports effective maintenance planning and service execution activities with minimal errors.

Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

IntoSite - Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Simplifying knowledge sharing between different departments and factories is greatly simplified with Intosite. You can share all sorts of information including future plans, studies and reports. Instead of sending a video or referencing something in an email, users can pin a specific spot on the virtual site - down to the 2D level of the entire plant - and input relevant information about a part, process or piece of equipment. The information can be URL links, videos or even Teamcenter managed 3D CAD drawings. Workers can see a simulation of how to properly perform a job. Intosite allows people in the field, as well as in factories, to share best practices, tips and tricks, and comment on data posted from central planning.

Manage Structured Layers of Data

IntoSite - Manage Structured Layers of Data

Intosite gives you the ability to build a structure of layers that reflect your company’s business logic and to then create and share placemarks in 2D/3D. The visual tags are partitioned according to the layers, giving you intuitive control of what information you need to see. Intosite provides advanced search capabilities for visual tags, company addresses and geographical coordinates.

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