Electronics Manufacturing

UniCam FX and Test Expert Electronics Manufacturing Software

Siemens provides the most widely used solutions to address the critical needs of electronics manufacturers. Today, these manufacturers must bring cost-effective products to market faster than ever before, while meeting a variety of challenges. UniCam FX, Test Expert (formerly Fabmaster), and SIMATIC IT MES address these issues, and more:

  • Manufacturing a growing mix of complex products quickly, efficiently, and with high quality
  • Meeting customer and regulatory demands like traceability and lead-free manufacturing
  • Feeding critical as-built information back to enterprise systems

Using UniCam FX, Test Expert, and SIMATIC IT MES, manufacturers will build better products with smarter planning and smarter production.

Smarter Planning: UniCam FX and Test Expert

UniCam FX and Test Expert (formerly Fabmaster) put low-cost, easy-to-use lean manufacturing capabilities firmly in your grasp, and allow you to get the new product introduction (NPI) process right the first time:

  • Use UniCam FX to program the broad spectrum of electronics assembly equipment, including surface-mount technology (SMT), automated optical inspection (AOI), dispense, screen printers, through-hole technology (THT), manual assembly, and more.
  • For low-mix, high-volume manufacturers, UniCam FX is the perfect solution to create accurate multi-job setups. Improve productivity on your SMT lines by reducing changeover time by as much as 75 percent.
  • For high-volume manufacturing, UniCam FX advanced machine optimization dramatically increases line throughput and reduces bottlenecks
  • Create and deliver paperless documentation directly to the shop floor using UniCam FX, UniDoc FX and ViewStation FX.
  • Test Expert offers complete flexibility and control during fixture design and flying probe selection, and eases flying probe access on dense boards with a global probe offset tool
  • Test Expert provides immediate feedback to designers and reduces testing costs by verifying design for test (DFT) rules before fabrication.
  • Test Expert reduces cycle times on variants of the same board by managing attributes such as device types, values, and tolerances, as well as package and pad sizes/shapes.
  • Test Expert automatically generates programs and inputs for a wide range of commonly used in-circuit test (ICT), flying probe testers, X-ray and AOI machines.

Smarter Production: SIMATIC IT MES

SIMATIC IT powers quality, efficiency and productivity on the shop floor.

  • Minimize the risk of product recalls and ensure compliance with regulations with product and process traceability
  • Enable tight production control
  • Provide real-time visibility to work-in-progress (WIP), raw material and finished goods
  • Systematically improve key quality metrics by detecting early occurrences of deviation
  • Reduce repair costs and excessive rework
  • “Go green” by eliminating shop-floor paper travelers
  • Reduce errors in managing engineering change order (ECO)
  • Meet ISO and customer Audit Requirements
  • Create, schedule and share web-based Manufacturing Reports
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