JT2Go Desktop - What Features are Included?

  • JT2Go is a no cost personal viewing tool to allow users to view JT, PDF, Solid Edge, PLM XML with available JT, VFZ, CGM, and TIF data
  • Able to load PDF in the native 2D viewer. For PDF with attached JT, loads PDF in the 2D viewer and the attached JT data in the 3D viewer
  • Attach JT files to existing PDF files
  • Standard features include Zoom, Pan, Rotate, Seek, Zoom Area, Fit All, Product Structure Trees, Attributes and Standard Views
  • Basic Measurement using facets in JT files without B-rep
  • Precise measurement in JT files that have B-rep
  • Geometry selection filters for measurement functions
  • Basic Cross-Section on Facets
  • PMI viewing with full data management tree display
  • 2D Viewing (CGM, TIF) , Zoom, Pan, Seek, Zoom Area, Fit All
  • Able to load monolithic JT files from a URL
  • Merge PLM XML snapshots
  • Create/View snapshots during session
  • Ultra Lightweight Precise (ULP) representation display support
  • Print individual Model Views
  • Load Native Solid Edge files; 2D .dft and 3D .asm, .par
  • Load STEP AP 242 .stpx product structure files and linked JT data
  • Share between users, and silently install, JT2Go session settings using a configuration file
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