Community Collaboration

Collaborate informally with PLM data and capture the results in Teamcenter

Ad-hoc collaboration activities are happening everyday throughout your enterprise, from water cooler conversations, to email and discussion board threads, to social media interactions. While it may not make sense to manage every ad-hoc collaboration activity in product lifecycle management (PLM), some of them may produce valuable “tribal” knowledge, best practices and insights that can benefit your company.

The Teamcenter community collaboration solution allows you to bridge PLM with ad-hoc collaboration facilitated by Microsoft SharePoint®.

Microsoft SharePoint Together with Teamcenter

Community collaboration makes it easy for you to securely share PLM data managed in Teamcenter with a Microsoft SharePoint site. You can collaborate informally without losing control of the data, then easily capture and promote the appropriate results of your ad-hoc collaboration activities in Microsoft SharePoint back to Teamcenter.

Visual Issues Management Enhances SharePoint

Visual issues management built on top of Microsoft SharePoint facilitates and captures ad-hoc design reviews and their associated visual context that may be promoted to Teamcenter as problem reports or change requests.

Online Desktop Sharing Enriches Community Collaboration

Teamcenter application sharing complements and enriches any ad-hoc phone conversation or formal meeting with online desktop sharing. Whether you’re reviewing a document, design or presentation, you can share your desktop to discuss and make decisions from a shared frame of reference.

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