Environmental Compliance and Product Sustainability

Go “green” with a framework for product sustainability and design for environment (DfE) initiatives

To stay competitive in today’s market, many manufacturers list environmental compliance and product sustainability as key elements for success. To support your environmental compliance objectives, you need a sustainability framework built on a product lifecycle management (PLM) foundation that allows you to phase-out non-sustainable components and materials, and design-in new and innovative “green” ones.

Teamcenter provides environmental compliance and product sustainability solutions to help you control and trace the material makeup of your products down to the substance level. You can limit the use of hazardous substances in your products and reduce the risk of non-compliance with regulatory directives (REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, etc.). While supporting your environmental compliance and sustainability objectives, you can grow your business and build customer loyalty by developing innovative, earth-friendly products.

Address Environmental Compliance with a Sustainability Framework

Address Environmental Compliance

You can establish a framework to address environmental compliance and develop green, sustainable products with Teamcenter integrated material management and substance compliance solutions. Teamcenter enables you to manage materials and substances as components of the product definition, as well as automate your supplier material and substance disclosure (MSD) process. Once you have this holistic view of your product, grading for compliance is more accurate, and you can quickly understand and report on how well your product complies with industry and regulatory directives, as well as your own sustainability objectives.

Manage Materials and Substances Used in Products

With Teamcenter integrated material management, you can optimize material use for greater performance and profitability throughout the product lifecycle. With enterprise-wide use of approved material information for product functions such as design, engineering, compliance and manufacturing, you can manage the entire lifecycle of materials in Teamcenter – from material design to production – as well as the lifecycle of the products that include these materials. You can aggregate materials and substance across product definitions and grade your products for environmental compliance.

Automate Supplier MSDs

Automate Supplier MSDs

With environmental compliance and product sustainability solutions in Teamcenter, you can gather supplier material disclosure data and aggregate it to the product definition using automated processes, to get a more complete view of your products. Industry standards (IPC-1752, IPC-1755, etc.) are supported as part of the MSD process. With automated notification, due dates and validation checks, you can easily synchronize with your supply chain to stay compliant with regulatory and industry directives.

Compliance Grading and Reporting

You can use the Teamcenter compliance process manager (CPM), created by thinkstep, to check for product compliance against various environmental and social compliance regulations (REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, etc.). You can easily keep up with changes in global regulations with pre-configured rule sets maintained by thinkstep. You can also stay proactive in addressing future regulations using a rules editor to create your own custom specifications to grade against. With reporting capabilities, you can create industry-standard compliance reports, and also get a complete view into supplier disclosure performance and product compliance status.

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