Syncrofit Overview

Eliminate errors and quality issues from the Design and Manufacturing of Large Complex Assemblies

The end to end development process of complex assemblies requires consistent management of information and attention to detail making the implementation of an efficient fastener management process crucial to keeping any program on schedule. The Syncrofit portfolio of software offers a concurrent approach to the design and manufacturing process that allows users to effectively respond to the complexities of part and assembly interdependencies. Syncrofit is the only production-proven, CAD integrated, commercial off-the-shelf solution (COTS) for the management of complex assemblies.

This integrated method of complex assembly design and manufacturing allows users to make well informed design decisions for an overall smoother path to design realization. The Syncrofit software portfolio provides early and continuous design rule verification, the automation of tedious design tasks, and BOM updates to prevent downstream fastener procurement problems and improve communication both internally and with suppliers throughout the design and manufacturing process.

Fastener type, location, specification, procurement, and installations requirements add up quickly when defining thousands if not millions of parts within a single aircraft. Syncrofit provides the peace of mind in knowing that every facet of your assembly will fall into place as specified, on time and on budget.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

For design engineers, Syncrofit facilitates an intuitive approach to the authoring of fastener managment design data throughout the iterative process of assembly definition, design rule verification, fastener/hole visualization, and documentation release. The software stores the design data, linked to the associated 3D CAD geometry, directly inside the commercial 3D CAD model, completing the 3D product definition. To further support this process, Syncrofit provides powerful tools to automate tedious design tasks, including:

  • Creating fastener patterns
  • Assigning complete hole, sealant and installation requirements to fastener locations
  • Calculating fastener grip lengths
  • Verifying design rules such as edge distances, pitch, countersink depths and fastener angularity
  • Loading and positioning fastener models and creating hole features
  • Generating model-based definition formats
  • Creating a bill of material (BOM) for fasteners and associated hardware

For manufacturing engineers, Syncrofit takes the guess work out of consuming fastener management engineering data for production. It facilitates the creation, management and communication of the multiple manufacturing states required for assembling structures with advanced manufacturing processes. Specific capabilities include:

  • Creating condition of supply packages for detail parts and assemblies
  • Capturing and visualizing assembly states such as pilot holes, tack fasteners and final fasteners
  • Integrating with NC programming systems for automated drilling and fastening
  • Exporting data to drive projection-guided assembly systems
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