NC Drilling

Extensive data is required to support the drilling and fastening processes in complex assembly. The Syncrofit NC Drilling module allows for the automation of all data necessary for NC programming, including material stackup, sealing and drilling requirements and fastener and hardware specification. Through the automatic generation of the complete dataset necessary, users can expect a more cost efficient and effective approach to fastening and drilling.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

Syncrofit NC Drilling export creates an XML file with all the critical fastener location information that is required for programming and simulating automated drilling and fastening systems. This module specifically allows for:

  • Automatic generation of complete data to support NC programming material stackups
    • X,Y,Z – i.j.k values
    • Hole Sizes
    • Sealing Requirements
    • Fastener and Hardware Specifications
    • Drilling requirements (pilot, full size, dnd)
  • Seamless Interface to CGTech Vericut Drilling and Fastening (VDAF)
  • Provides Ability to Omit Components, Reverse Drill Direction, and Filter Locations to be Exported
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