Model Based Definition Publishing

Developing Model Based Design formats for assembly definitions is difficult for complex assembly manufacturers. This time consuming, manual process often leads to many errors and outcomes that require reworking. With the Syncrofit Model Based Definition Publishing module users are able to publish assembly data to a specification tree and create annotations with fastener and hole data. This capability ensures consistency between designers throughout manufacturing and allows for a more consistent and effective process.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

The MBD Publishing Module allows for soother transfer of critical information from engineering to the manufacturing floor to increase visibility of all data necessary to produce an accurately fastened part. The automation of this data transfer process eliminates the tedious error prone task of manual documentation. The Syncrofit MBD Publishing module specifically allows users to::

  • Publish complex assembly data to specification tree
  • Create annotations with fastener and hole data
  • Expose critical detail part and assembly data in the native CAD model in a structured format
  • Ensure consistency between designers
  • Reduce documentation requirements and need for design guide development
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