Syncrofit Manufacturing Environment

Eliminate the Throw-It-Over-The-Wall Approach to Airframe Development

The Syncrofit Manufacturing Environment module in the Syncrofit portfolio is an industry-specific software solution that enables aerospace engineers to digitally define airframe assembly states within major commercial CAD systems.

It provides a model-based solution that is both repeatable and straight forward to combat the often tedious and complex assembly and installation process specific to the airframe manufacturing industry.

With the Syncrofit Manufacturing Environment, manufacturers digitally define supplier, assembly, and installation drawings that track all non-geometric assembly information. This data can be efficiently shared across the enterprise or around the world to ensure that an airframe is accurate and built to specification. Further, the digital definitions are created in major commercial 3D CAD software packages, so engineers can use their existing systems.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

The Syncrofit Manufacturing Environment helps aerospace engineers to:

  • Deliver condition of supply information for details and component assemblies to suppliers in a complete and fully representative model-based definition
  • Define progressive assembly states to ensure airframe part manufacturing accuracy for installations
  • Integrate with NC programming systems for automated drilling and fastening
  • Export data to drive projection-guided assembly systems
  • Share detailed airframe assembly information throughout the supply chain and development process
  • Reduce manufacturing cycle times and costs while ensuring accurate airframe development
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