What’s New in Solid Edge ST8

Uniquely Powerful

Solid Edge ST8 - Uniquely Powerful

Solid Edge ST8 frees you to focus on your design, not the software. Streamlined control of synchronous modeling promotes creative design as well as intuitive handling of imported 3D data. New table-driven patterns and visual drawing comparison enable you to produce accurate designs faster while reducing product development costs.

Accessibility Unleashed

Solid Edge ST8 - Accessibility Unleashed

Using Solid Edge ST8 on the Microsoft Surface™ Pro, you are no longer tethered to a desk, and have complete freedom to create and modify your products instantly, at any time. You can optimize responsiveness and ensure that customer satisfaction and product quality are your top priorities.

Amazing User Experience

Solid Edge ST8 - Amazing User Experience

Solid Edge ST8’s learning tools are tailored to the individual, enabling greater productivity in a short period of time. This allows design firms to benefit from increased purchase flexibility when employing temporary workers.

Solid Edge ST8: Design without Boundaries

Solid Edge ST8 - Why Solid Edge

Solid Edge ST8 delivers a uniquely powerful and accessible 3D design portfolio, combined with an amazing user experience, enabling the freedom to design without boundaries.

Solid Edge ST8 Demonstrations

Solid Edge ST8 - Demonstrations

Watch Solid Edge ST8 in action and see how flexible, intuitive modeling with synchronous technology frees you to produce realistic, accurate designs faster.

Solid Edge Press and Media Resources

Solid Edge ST8 - Press & Media

Are you a blogger or member of the media and need an image, video or other material for your article? View the press release, download the press kit, or find images and short demos for your publication using the links below.

Contact Us

Contact Us

See how Solid Edge ST8 enables you to design without boundaries. Contact us to schedule a demonstration, obtain pricing or purchase Solid Edge.

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