Solid Edge Scalable Simulation

Simulation capabilities for Solid Edge users range from Solid Edge Simulation Express for individual parts, to Solid Edge Simulation for assembly analysis, to Femap for defining and analyzing complete systems and FloEFD for Solid Edge computational fluid dynamics (CFD). These solutions provide a scalable upgrade path for those who are required to solve more challenging engineering problems.

Solid Edge Simulation ExpressSolid Edge SimulationFemapFloEFD for Solid Edge
  • Based on Femap
  • Embedded in
    Solid Edge
  • Part validation
  • Statics/modal
  • NX Nastran Solver
  • Multi-discipline
  • Based on Femap
  • Embedded in
    Solid Edge
  • Part/assembly
  • Statics/modal/
    buckling/heat transfer
  • NX Nastran Solver
  • Multi-discipline engineer
  • CAD independent
  • System simulation
  • Statics, modal, buckling,
    dynamics, heat transfer,
    non-linear, etc.
  • Solver independent, NX Nastran
  • Multi-discipline engineer, analyst
  • Embedded in Solid Edge
  • Fluid flow and heat transfer analysis
  • Pre-processor, solver and post-processor
  • Frontloading moves CFD early in the design process
  • Easy-to-use for the design engineer
  • Powerful enough for analysis specialist

Complete geometry and finite element models with boundary conditions and results are easily transferrable from Solid Edge to Femap, where more advanced analyses can be employed. Solid Edge Simulation solutions are based on the same fundamental underlying finite element modeling technology and use the NX Nastran solver as Femap, and are flexible enough to let you work the way you want to. You can perform analyses in an environment in which you are comfortable, increasing your productivity and innovation.

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