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What’s new for Simcenter 3D

Many of the engineering problems you face in real-world applications cannot be solved linearly. Hyperelastic materials, large deformations, and contacts require you to use a nonlinear solution instead. A major focus for this release ofSimcenter 3D has been to further extend its nonlinear solutions to cover more engineering applications. Nonlinear simulation in Simcenter 3D now offers more elements, greater robustness and algorithms for multi-step nonlinear simulation to provide enhanced realism and faster solution times. These new nonlinear solutions are available in Simcenter’s structural solvers, NX Nastran and Samtech Samcef, along with the necessary pre/post enhancements in Simcenter 3D to support those solver solutions.

Multi-step nonlinear solution (NX Nastran SOL 401)

Multi-step nonlinear solution

The NX Nastran multistep nonlinear solution (SOL 401) has been broadened to cover models with shells, beams, and spring elements. This means the multi-step nonlinear solution can now be used as a general purpose FE nonlinear solver for problems involving both material and geometrical nonlinear aspects. Additionally, the multi-step nonlinear solution can be coupled with Simcenter 3D Thermal to perform thermo-mechanical nonlinear analysis, which is ideal for the simulation of turbomachinery as well as applications with composite materials.

Nonlinear dynamics (NX Nastran SOL 402)

Nonlinear dynamics (NX Nastran SOL 402)

A new structural nonlinear dynamics solution has also been introduced into NX Nastran as SOL 402, and is supported from the Simcenter 3D interface. The nonlinear dynamics solution is based on large displacement / large rotation formulation originally available in the Samtech Samcef solver, and can be applied to static, quasi-static, kinematic and dynamic simulations of structures.

Samcef environment for composites

Samcef environment for composites

Another focus area for Simcenter 3D is on the simulation of composites. The Simcenter 3D environment for the Samcef solver has been enhanced to take full advantage of Samcef’s unique composite material nonlinear simulation capabilities. You can use the environment to design composite structures and apply simple concepts like “first ply damage”. In addition to product performance simulation, you can use the Samcef environment to simulate composite manufacturing processes, like the curing process as well as spring-back effect.

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