PLM Vis 2D/3D Visualization Software Development Kit

Enable visualization, analysis and markup of popular 2D and 3D formats in your applications with this software development kit

PLM Vis is a software development kit that enables 2D/3D visualization and markup in custom applications. PLM Vis is ideal for organizations that use the JT format and wish to add visualization to their in-house applications. PLM Vis provides full 2D/3D visualization, analysis and markup capabilities. Available components include JavaScript, Active X, Java Beans and SWT Widgets. PLM Vis uses the same robust, industrial strength visualization technology used in our Teamcenter Visualization software. This ensures the integrity and reliability of PLM Vis enabled applications.

Companies invest heavily to develop custom software applications to support business processes. All applications are more effective when they include visualization because images make it easy to communicate complex PLM products and processes. After all, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and visualization reduces ambiguity, increases understanding and enables faster, smarter decisions. PLM Vis technology adds visualization to in-house developed applications and improves business processes.

Comprehensive Support for 2D/3D Visualization Formats

PLM Vis supports visualization of over 40 popular 2D and 3D formats including NX™, Solid Edge®, Parasolid® XT, VRML, STL and JT – which makes applications powered by PLM Vis extremely versatile.

Model Navigation, Analysis, Markup and PMI Capabilities

PLM Vis enables navigation, analysis and markup of digital prototypes. Navigation capabilities include explore, examine and fly through, as well as fundamental features such as rotate, pan, fit and zoom. The software development kit includes tools for sectioning, clearance and surface analysis. Markup support includes markup text, 2D geometric shapes, callouts, symbols, images and 2D/3D PMI annotation.

Motion Movie Capture and Replay

PLM Vis enables the creation and playback of movies created in the viewing window. These movies can include dynamic camera paths through the product model and are ideal for collaboration. You can also use the movies to see views where components are hidden/revealed, transformed and animated.

2D and 3D Data Comparisons

PLM Vis enables comparison of 2D and 3D data. 2D images are compared using an overlay technique and intuitive color coding to indicate differences and similarities. 3D models are compared in synchronized viewing windows using color coding for distance mapping and grouping. The ability to compare data is a key step in making smart decisions.

JavaScript, Java Beans, Active X Controls and Standard Widget Toolkit

PLM Vis is easily integrated into Windows, Linux and Web applications using the available controls. Development of custom visualization solutions is accelerated by providing all of the standard programmatic features that are required to build a complete visualization solution.

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