Sales Quotation Solution

Common Sales Quotation Challenges and the Rulestream Engineer-to-Order Solution Value

Efficient Quotation of Highly Engineered Products

Quoting complex products traditionally requires a large amount of manual effort from multiple groups, especially engineering. Bottlenecks develop when significant product knowledge is required to create a quote. The Rulestream Engineer-to-Order solution from Siemens captures the latest engineering, manufacturing, and business rules and standards and uses this knowledge in an executable form to automate labor intensive tasks within the quotation process. The result is the ability to consistently produce more accurate quotes, in less time, and win more business.

Generating Complete Proposals

The development of Sales BOMs, 3D models and 2D drawings for inclusion in custom product proposals is time consuming and requires valuable engineering resources. The Rulestream Engineer-to-Order solution helps manufacturers improve customer satisfaction by providing complete drawings, detailed BOM and other technical information, plus 3D, color product mockups at the time of order, giving your customers confidence in the overall delivery because the order design process is automated, eliminating errors.

Margin Control and Accurate Knowledge About Cost

Traditional pricing and cost estimation techniques don’t work well for complex custom products. With the Rulestream Engineer-to-Order solution, the true costs of manufacturing and delivering a custom product are automatically factored in at the time of quotation. This eliminates cost estimation guesswork and subsequently the need for price padding to safeguard profitability. With accurate cost knowledge, unprofitable quotes can be avoided and padding can be avoided, resulting in more wins from more competitive pricing.

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