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Product Capabilities for Sales Quotation

Sales Quotation Capabilities

Rulestream ETO Sales from Siemens lets you provide more accurate sales quotations faster than your competition. More than just a sales configurator—it is a powerful tool that fully integrates the sales, engineering and manufacturing processes involved in custom or repetitive order situations, significantly reducing the amount of manual effort required in the quotation process. You will be able to confidently respond to more RFQs with more accurate quotes, shorten lead times and improve your sales win rate. Improve your competitiveness by providing comprehensive sales quotation drawings, detailed Bills of Material and precise 3D visualizations at the point of sale, giving your customers confidence in your capabilities and ensuring that what the customer perceives he is ordering and what you are quoting are one in the same. In addition, you will be able to quote more aggressive delivery dates because the order design process is automated to reduce overall cycle time and eliminate errors.

Quote Highly Complex Products

Our powerful rule paradigm manages engineering knowledge rather than just feature/option constraints. This fundamental difference from typical sales configurators allows Rulestream ETO Sales to excel with even the most complex products.

Generate Order-Specific 3D CAD Models

Companies with ETO processes often need to generate 3D product visualizations as part of the sales quotation process, so that their customers can better understand what is being quoted and have greater confidence in the proposed solution. In addition, some customers require 3D models as part of the proposal process so that they can package those models into their CAD assemblies, thus better ensuring that the proposed solution will meet form and fit requirements. With Rulestream ETO Sales, such 3D models can be rapidly generated to unique customer requirements at the point of sale. Rulestream ETO Sales’ unique ability to dynamically generate new CAD assemblies on the fly eliminates the need to pre-configure all possible 3D CAD assembly configurations prior to making a product available for quoting.

Generate Order-Specific Drawings

Rulestream ETO Sales has the ability to automatically generate native, to-scale, CAD drawings for inclusion within a quotation or bid package. It works with common 3D and 2D CAD packages to produce drawings and models within your or your customers native CAD system.

Easy to use UI Guides Users through Product Selection, Configuration and Design Steps

Rulestream ETO Sales is feature-rich, yet intuitive for sales representatives to use with little or no training. A process window pane allows users to easily navigate through quotation process steps according to your business process rules and select the quotation step they wish to work on. UI forms are easy to use with on-line help available at the click of a mouse.

Easily Capture Rules, Best Practices, Standards and Requirements

The Rulestream Engineer-to-Order product line from Siemens streamlines the capture, update, and management of the rules and processes necessary to accurately quote and manufacture products. It provides a simple point-and-click way for non-programmer engineers and product experts to define and refine the rules, processes, and underlying rationale that enable sales and manufacturing to produce higher quality work with real-time accuracy.

Quickly Update Rules and Release New Rule Sets

With the Rulestream Engineer-to-Order product line, your product rules can be quickly updated, tested, and released to production. Unlike other solutions, your product configurator need not be the bottleneck to getting new product capabilities into the hands of your sales and distribution channels. Rulestream ETO Sales also has the ability to take work-in-progress models and update them automatically when new rule sets become available, a key capability for companies who have long sales cycles.

Calculate Cost Based on Material and Labor Roll-ups or Complex Estimation Rules

Rulestream ETO Sales gives your company the ability to rapidly achieve a final product design during the quotation process, allowing for a true cost roll-up based on material, labor, shipping costs, etc., even for highly custom products. In addition, Rulestream ETO Sales can manage complex cost estimation rules when a true cost roll-up is not required. Rulestream ETO Sales customers can do margin-based, guided selling with highly dynamic models at quote time.

Represent Complex Pricing Rules

In addition to bottoms-up costing rules, Rulestream ETO Sales can capture and manage complex pricing rules. This gives your company ultimate flexibility in how to accurately quote your products.

Automatically Create Valid Alternative Configurations

Rulestream ETO Sales has the ability to use context and sub-models to create alternative configurations within a configuration to give customers priced-scenarios that constraint engines have difficulty doing.

Direct Link to Order Engineering

Rulestream’s Engineer-to-order solution is the central repository for product design knowhow. The single, centralized location is easy to maintain and update, and allows multiple departments to work off the same set of rules. This encourages wider adoption/enforcement of best practices and standards company wide. Also, more reuse means the same information does not need to be entered multiple times.

Integrates Easily with CRM or other SFA Solutions and Can Run Within Their User Environments

Rulestream ETO Sales maximizes the value of incumbent systems already in place and removes the barriers between silos of data.

Integrates with Microsoft Desktop Tools Including Excel, Visio and Word

With Rulestream ETO Sales, a native user interface can be augmented by live, bi-directional integration with Microsoft Office authoring tools. Excel can be used to input data and report on data, Visio can be used to make or view schematic or layout representations of models, and Word can be used as mechanism for output of reports and other important documents.

Work Off-Line

Rulestream ETO Sales permits field users to run the system to create quotes and proposals while their laptop computer is disconnected from the Internet - for example - while onsite with a client. All job data created offline is automatically uploaded back to a central server once the laptop is back online. In addition, any new rule sets that have been released are automatically synchronized with the laptop so that your offline user community is kept up to date according to your business rules.

Thin Client Deployment

In addition to a rich client environment, Rulestream ETO Sales supports thin client, browser-based deployment so that companies can easily support large sales and distribution organizations and support controlled, end customer access to product configuration software.

Generate Proposal Documents

In addition to quotations, Rulestream ETO Sales helps sales users rapidly generate full blown proposal documents and bid packages that include pricing and product information, technical specifications, product drawings and 3D images, and sales-level BOMs.

Use a 2D Interactor to Describe Customer Requirements

The configuration of certain products (typically complete systems, architectural products, etc.) requires that the functional or physical layout (or schematic) be specified during configuration. Rulestream ETO Sales provides the ability for end users to manipulate products using a simple to use 2D layout paradigm. This capability can be delivered either via Microsoft Visio or via our own native 2D interactor.

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