Product Capabilities for Order Engineering

Order Engineering Capabilities

The Rulestream Engineer-to-Order product line from Siemens significantly reduces design time by automating many of the decisions that go into processing customer-specific orders, freeing your engineering team to concentrate more heavily on developing new product innovations. By automating the routine and repetitive engineering work for each ETO order, Rulestream ETO Engineer can help engineering get out of the custom engineering, order processing, and sales support business and back into the innovative engineering process.

Generate Order-Specific 3D CAD Models

Rulestream ETO Engineer dynamically creates brand new 3D assemblies on the fly without having to pre-engineer and pre-validate all possible assemblies. This results in a dramatically reduced number of CAD assemblies to create and maintain. Rulestream ETO Engineer reduces time required to create new assemblies and ensures that new assemblies are in line with company rules and standards.

Generate Order-Specific Submittal and Manufacturing Drawings

Rulestream ETO Engineer can automatically generate the manufacturing and customer submittal drawings typically produced during the order fulfillment process. Rules regarding view placement, view scale, annotation existence and location, notes, title block information, etc. allow high degrees of drawing automation to be achieved. Automating significant portions of this time consuming task reduces overall order delivery time and reduces costly drawing errors.

Execute Analysis & Simulation

Tight integrations between desktop engineering software and Rulestream ETO Engineer allows design data to flow seamlessly from Rulestream ETO Engineer to the relevant analysis and simulation software and analysis and simulation results to be captured by Rulestream ETO Engineer to enable rules-based automation of design quality and verification activities.

Report Engineering Test & Verification Results

The fine grained process-automation of Rulestream ETO Engineer ensures all tests and verification activities are run before a design is released. The reporting engine can be used to produce both ad-hoc and formal certification reports that may be necessary for each ETO order.

Generate Engineering BOMS

Rulestream ETO Engineers ability to either generate a BOM or model a BOM is superior. Rulestream ETO Engineer represents the BOM as individual parts that can be manipulated by engineers post-order. Rulestream ETO Engineer's ability to maintain multiple BOMs in sync also helps to give us an edge in this area.

Integrate with ERP & PLM

Automation with Rulestream ETO Engineer does not end with generation of an order-specific design. Interfaces with ERP and PLM systems provide for the automatic flow of all release documents to these systems when an order is released from Engineering. It also provides a means to obtain electronically the documents, templates, and part data that is required to support optimal engineering of an order.

Change Rules on Daily Basis & Release to User Communities

Rulestream ETO Engineer has the ability to take work-in-progress models and designs, and update them automatically when the latest rule updates become available.

Subject Matter Experts Maintain Rules

The rule authoring environment allows engineers to fully define their solution and capture their ETO engineering rules without requiring them to learn a software programming language or software development methodology. All rules and associated applications are constructed through easy-to-use forms and wizards. This delivers unprecedented rapid time-to-benefit. Rulestream Engineer-to-Order product line from Siemens is a highly scalable solution because knowledge experts themselves interact with the system and are not dependent on specialized IT resources. It allows domain experts to retain ownership of the rules used to automate their respective processes.

Powerful Report Writer

Rulestream ETO Engineer has a powerful report writer that enables sophisticated reports to be generated from any of the detailed design information accessible from Rulestream ETO Engineer.

Integrates with Microsoft Desktop Tools Including Excel and Word

Rulestream ETO Engineer is integrated with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word to allow capture of order-specific information from these sources as well outputting design and model information to these tools for formatting in a familiar desktop tool.

Use a 2D Interactor to Describe Customer Requirements

The configuration of certain products (typically complete systems, architectural products, etc.) requires that the functional or physical layout (or schematic) be specified during configuration. Rulestream ETO Engineer provides the ability for end users to manipulate product designs using a simple 2D layout paradigm. This capability can be delivered either via Microsoft Visio or via our own native 2D interactor.

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