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The Rulestream Engineer-to-Order product line from Siemens is the premier solution for automation of quotation and engineering processes specifically for engineer-to-order (ETO) product manufacturers. The product includes integrated modules specifically designed for sales, engineering and manufacturing groups. It enables manufacturers to respond to customer-specific inquiries and orders more rapidly, accurately and efficiently. The Rulestream Engineer-to-order product line streamlines the “inquiry-to-quote” and “order-to-release” processes for even the most complex ETO products, so manufacturers can sell according to their engineering rules and standards, and engineer according to their true manufacturing capabilities.

This enterprise solution spans sales, engineering and manufacturing to bring the entire capability of your company to the point of the sale, providing the maximum benefit to your company and your customers. Rulestream Engineer-to-order runs within the context of CRM on the inquiry side and ERP and PLM on the order engineering side, significantly enhancing and extending the capabilities of these systems.

Key Rulestream Engineer-to-Order Capabilities

  • Single, enterprise-wide repository for engineering standards and product knowledge
  • Enterprise-class architecture that can scale in terms of users, geography, products, and rules.
  • Provides a rich, easy to use authoring environment for expressing many different types of product rules, such as functional engineering, design, cost estimating, pricing, design-for-manufacturability, process planning, etc.
  • Deep, bi-directional interfaces to CAD, allowing new assemblies and components to be dynamically generated according to your design rules
  • Seamlessly integrates to PLM and ERP for ease of data exchange
  • Deep, bi-directional interfaces to 2D schematic tools (such as Microsoft Visio) allowing users to graphically express a logical or physical layout that automatically drives downstream deliverables such as 3D CAD, Bills of Material, etc.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word
  • Allows quality metrics to be established for engineering standards and product rules, so that your organization can easily understand how effectively those assets are being applied in day to day operations, and use that information for continuous improvement.
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