Manufacturing Engineering Solution

Common Challenges and the Rulestream Enginee-to-Order Solution Value

Pushing Manufacturing Capabilities Upstream

In the past, it was very difficult to educate sales and design teams about ever-changing manufacturing capabilities or to incorporate design for manufacturing concepts into these teams. The Rulestream Engineer-to-Order solution from Siemens allows manufacturing to influence the quotation and design of products from the very beginning. The Rulestream Engineer-to-Order solution incorporates the rules of manufacturability into the Sales and Engineering processes upstream, enforcing these often overlooked capabilities and constraints from the outset, resulting in cleaner orders with fewer errors.

Creating Order-Specific Manufacturing Plans

It is expensive and time consuming to manually customize manufacturing plans for complex custom orders. With the Rulestream Engineer-to-Order solution, the high manufacturing costs and long lead-times typically associated with custom orders are significantly decreased because order-specific manufacturing documentation is automatically generated, including in-process drawings, EBOMs, MBOMs, routings, and tool and fixture designs. The solution also automates factory-specific manufacturing plans for companies with multiple plants or partners.

Underutilizing Equipment & Capabilities

Often, the full ROI from newly purchased, expensive equipment is not realized. Changes in manufacturing capabilities, including new machines, tools and other enhancements can be easily added to the Rulestream Engineer-to-Order system, so the entire enterprise operates based on the true capabilities of the shop floor. Internal and External customer satisfaction is improved because manufacturing can easily build what has been quoted and designed.

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