Order Engineering Solution

Common Order Engineering Challenges and the Rulestream Engineer-to-Order Solution Value

Generating Order-Specific Models & Drawings

Designing new products to customer specifications is a difficult task if your knowledge base doesn’t help drive the creation of unique 3D models and drawings. The Rulestream Engineer-to-Order solution from Siemens offers deep, bi-directional integrations with the 3D CAD and other enterprise systems you already use; creating new, native CAD models and drawings on-the-fly based on customer requirements and captured rules.

Reducing Order Response Time

Order engineers are under intense pressure to reduce the time it takes to go from the receipt of an order to the release of the job to the shop floor while increasing quality. The Rulestream Engineer-to-Order solution significantly reduces design time by automating many of the routine decisions that go into processing customer-specific orders, allowing your engineering team to concentrate on developing product innovations, new features, and completely new products. By automating the routine and repetitive engineering work, the Rulestream Engineer-to-order solution can help engineering get out of the repetitive order engineering, order processing, and sales support business and back into innovative engineering.

Eliminating Repetitive Errors

In the past, a constantly evolving set of design rules, standards, and engineering best practices made it difficult to capture, update and reuse knowledge. As a result, the same errors were often made multiple times. With the Rulestream’s Engineer-to-Order solution’s central, secure knowledge base, it’s easy to capture lessons learned to prevent repetitive errors. The Rulestream Engineer-to-Order solution establishes a closed loop learning system delivering continuous improvement and facilitating reuse of accurate, updated engineering knowledge.

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