Supporting PLM XML

PLM XML Supportl

PLM XML support can be built into an application by enabling read, write and interrogation of PLM XML documents and data structures. While this can be done directly from the PLM XML schema definitions and documentation, taking a toolkit approach to implementation can make the integration of PLM XML support modular, and the maintenance and extension of PLM XML support easier. Siemens PLM Software has created a software developer kit (PLM XML SDK) to make it easy for application developers to build PLM XML into applications.

PLM XML facilitating interoperability between applications

PLM XML is already in production use, linking applications associatively and via shared product structure, examples include:

  • Enabling evaluated product structure sharing between Unigraphics NX, Teamcenter Visualization and Teamcenter Engineering for Repeatable Digital Validation
  • Enabling associative interoperability between Unigraphics NX, I-deas and Solid Edge

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