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Parasolid v29.1

B-rep modeling enhancements for high value workflow automation; Convergent Modeling enhancements for working with imported facet data

Parasolid v29.1 delivers numerous enhancements to both B-rep modeling and Convergent Modeling™ technology. B-rep enhancements focus on high value workflow automation, enabling application developers to deliver functionality more effectively. Convergent Modeling enhancements focus on working with imported facet data and the architectural foundations to support fully integrated Convergent Modeling in future release where all Parasolid operations will support models containing arbitrary combinations of classic B-rep geometry and facet B-rep geometry.


Enhancements have been made to tapering and sweeping to remove potential workflow bottlenecks to deliver successful operations on more complex configurations and provide better diagnostic information when an operation is not possible on a specific configuration:

  • Improved quality surfaces are produced when mitering tangent to faces in a body and provide miter-specific failure information if a body taper fails during a mitering operation.
  • Added support for tapering a body with a negative taper angle.
  • Added option to use a law curve to untwist a twisted sweep along a closed path to ensure alignment at start and end of sweep.
Parasolid 29.1 Modeling

Untwisting a rotation in the path to ensure a successful sweep along the 3D closed path.


Several enhancements have been made to handle operations on complex configurations to improve the success rate of automated workflows, removing the need for application developers to handle these cases in their code:

  • Optimized results when blends of very similar but different radius interact.
  • Improved robustness and surface quality when blending on the inside of tightly curved surfaces, and when repairing self-intersecting blend surfaces.
  • Improved handling of partial notches when deleting notch blends.
Parasolid 29.1 Blending

Improved quality when blending on the inside of tightly curved surfaces.

Convergent Modeling

In addition to extensive, on-going architectural work to support full Convergent Modeling functionality, a number of enhancements have been delivered to help application developers work with facet data not created by Parasolid:

  • Added functionality to detect and fix common facet mesh issues such as: corrupt meshes, non-manifold meshes, mesh vertex with bad normal, degenerate mesh facet, self-intersecting meshes, meshes with slits, disjoint meshes
  • Added functions to enquire mesh data include: ask the convexity of an edge on a mesh, find sharp mesh vertices in a mesh, ask the normal of a mesh vertex
  • Added option to request principal directions and curvatures when faceting both classic and facet b-rep bodies
Parasolid 29.1 Convergent Modeling

Facet data imported into Parasolid, such as STL, may require analysis and repair.

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