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Parasolid Editor

 Parasolid Editor provides an extended subset of Parasolid functionality that is ideal for analysis, manufacturing and other downstream applications that need to easily manipulate, edit, repair or optimize 3D models.

Parasolid Editor: Key features

  • Modeling support
    • Unite, subtract and intersect operators
    • General imprinting
    • Sheet trimming and extension
    • Profile sweeping and spinning
    • Patching of holes in 3D models
  • Editing and optimization
    • Identification and removal of feature details
    • Face deletion and replacement
    • Face transformation
    • Swept and spun outlining
  • Import and export
    • Reading/writing of Parasolid XT files
    • Boundary representation import
    • Trimmed surface import and sewing
  • Geometry creation
    • Creation of solid primitives
    • Creation of B-spline entities
  • Interrogation and computation
    • Topological evaluations and inquiries
    • Geometric evaluations and inquiries
    • Mass properties
    • Min/max distance and clash detection
  • Visualization and drafting
    • Non-destructive sectioning
    • Graphical output
    • Faceting/meshing

Foundation capabilities

Parasolid Editor is built on critical foundation capabilities that enable successful integration in a wide variety of software applications. Enabled across all relevant functionality, Parasolid’s foundation capabilities include:

  • Tolerant modeling for intrinsically reliable modeling with imported data
  • Attributes and callbacks for application-specific behavior
  • Session and partitioned rollback for flexible history and undo/redo
  • Data management and tracking for managing models and associated data
  • Symmetric multi-processing support for enhanced performance
  • Model storage in forwards and backwards compatible native XT format
  • .NET Binding to integrate Parasolid into .NET applications written in C#
  • Broad platform coverage including Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac

Getting started

Parasolid Editor is delivered with a comprehensive set of documentation and developer resources, including a complete Jumpstart Kit CD of tools that promote easy integration of Parasolid into new and existing applications:

  • Full Product Documentation Suite in html and PDF formats
  • Example Application Resources to get you up and running
  • Code Example Suite illustrates best implementation practice
  • Parasolid ‘Getting Started’ Guide answers your questions
  • Parasolid Overview summarizes Parasolid’s capabilities
  • Parasolid API Training Materials to educate the team
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