Parasolid Communicator

Parasolid Communicator comprises versatile base functionality that includes interoperability, visualization and data interrogation capabilities that provide a platform for applications that need to consume 3D models.

Parasolid Communicator: Key features

  • Import and export
    • Reading/writing of Parasolid XT files
    • Boundary representation import
    • Trimmed surface import and sewing
  • Geometry creation
    • Creation of solid primitives
    • Creation of B-spline entities
  • Interrogation and computation
    • Topological evaluations and inquiries
    • Geometric evaluations and inquiries
    • Mass properties
    • Min/max distance and clash detection
  • Visualization and drafting
    • Non-destructive sectioning
    • Graphical output
    • Faceting/meshing

Foundation Capabilities

Parasolid Communicator is built on critical foundation capabilities that enable successful integration in a wide variety of software applications. Enabled across all relevant functionality, Parasolid’s foundation capabilities include:

  • Tolerant modeling for intrinsically reliable modeling with imported data
  • Attributes and callbacks for application-specific behavior
  • Session and partitioned rollback for flexible history and undo/redo
  • Data management and tracking for managing models and associated data
  • Symmetric multi-processing support for enhanced performance
  • Model storage in forwards and backwards compatible native XT format
  • .NET Binding to integrate Parasolid into .NET applications written in C#
  • Broad platform coverage including Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac

Getting Started

Parasolid Communicator is delivered with a comprehensive set of documentation and developer resources, including a complete Jumpstart Kit CD of tools that promote easy integration of Parasolid into new and existing applications:

  • Full Product Documentation Suite in html and PDF formats
  • Example Application Resources to get you up and running
  • Code Example Suite illustrates best implementation practice
  • Parasolid ‘Getting Started’ Guide answers your questions
  • Parasolid Overview summarizes Parasolid’s capabilities
  • Parasolid API Training Materials to educate the team
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