Parasolid Bodyshop

Parasolid Bodyshop is a Parasolid-based toolkit that repairs, optimizes and validates CAD data imported into Parasolid to maximize the success of downstream modeling operations.

Parasolid Bodyshop: Key Features

Parasolid Bodyshop is designed to play a role in a number of important 3D modeling data quality processes.

Data Import

  • Create valid, usable Parasolid models from imported models in solid or sheet form
  • B-Rep data, e.g. STEP solids/sheets
    • Validate and clean incoming topology
    • Heal sheets and solids
  • Trimmed surface data, e.g. IGES trimmed surfaces
    • Validate and clean incoming trimmed surface data
    • Heal and sew trimmed surfaces into solids

Data Cleaning

  • Detect and resolve topological problems
    • Invalid sense, missing topology, bad loop and region structure
  • Detect and resolve geometric problems
    • Zero length curves, short edges, coincident geometries, unwanted gaps & spikes, sliver faces, illegal curve and surface intersections

Model Optimization

  • Optimize models for performance and reliability in downstream use
    • Convert geometry to simpler forms
    • Recompute tolerant edges to greater accuracy
    • Recover geometric alignments, e.g. axes, tangent edges, scale factors
    • Remove small entities

Data Fidelity

  • Track modifications that Parasolid Bodyshop makes when cleaning imported data
    • Pre-cleaning: Apply local positional fidelity information of variable density
    • Post-cleaning: Measure closeness of cleaned geometry to original shape

Data Export

  • Convert geometry to common or standard forms
  • Split periodic geometry
  • Remove small entities
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