Complementary Toolkit Providers

Parasolid customers frequently use toolkits from other technology vendors in areas such as CAE Meshing or Graphics Rendering. The Parasolid team has a history of working with vendors of leading toolkits in adjacent disciplines to make it easier for our mutual customers to get products to market more easily. The Complementary Toolkit Provider Initiative (CTPI) enables toolkit vendors to formalize this relationship. CTPI members receive a of Parasolid license with the agreement that they build a standard integration (bridge) to Parasolid that they may distribute free-of-charge to valid licensees of both toolkits.

Distene S.A.S.

Distene is a leading developer of meshing technologies. Distene is using Parasolid to provide an integration to MeshGems, a leading software component that enables CAE/CAD application providers to incorporate fast, reliable and quality meshing capabilities into CAE applications for simulation, optimization and digital product development.

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Geometric Ltd.

Geometric Ltd is a specialist in the domain of engineering solutions, services and technologies. Its portfolio of Global Engineering services and Digital Technology solutions for PLM enables companies to formulate, implement and execute global engineering and manufacturing strategies aimed at achieving greater efficiencies in the product realization lifecycle. Currently, Geometric uses Parasolid in support of their Feature Recognition Toolkit.

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Lightwork Design

Lightwork Design, established in 1989, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of OEM component rendering solutions for advanced 3D Computer Graphics software developers. Lightwork is using Parasolid to develop a Bridge integration to their Author, Aspect and Artisan integrated rendering components.

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MachineWorks Ltd.

MachineWorks Ltd. is a leading developer of CNC Simulation and Verification technology OEM software development component toolkits. Many of the leading software and hardware manufacturers have licensed MachineWorks components as their preferred simulation solution. MachineWorks is using Parasolid to develop a software Bridge that joint customers can leverage to quickly and reliably integrate Parasolid with the MachineWorks components.

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ModuleWorks is a leading provider of CAD/CAM components, providing 3-5 Axis machining and CNC Simulation technology that is at the forefront of CAD/CAM component technology and is used by many of the leading CAM systems and and specialist manufacturing companies. Parasolid is being used by ModuleWorks to build a Bridge Integration to both their Multi-Axis Machining and Simulation components.

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Redway3d was started in 2004 to address the emergence of a new era in the CAD industry of providing 3D High Quality Visualization. Redway3d’s middleware, called Redsdk, is dedicated to this market and offers many unique features. Redway3d is using Parasolid to build a bridge application to Redsdk that our common customers can leverage.

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Simmetrix is a leading supplier of tools and techniques for Simulation-Based Design, incorporation advanced engineering analysis into the engineering design process. Simmetrix offers a robust integration with Parasolid as part of their GeomSim direct geometry access module. The allows Parasolid geometry to be efficiently and accurately read into the Simmetrix modeling and application suites for further processing and also allows for Parasolid-based geometry manipulation and augmentation.

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Tech Soft 3D

Tech Soft 3D, or TS3D, provides premier development tools that enable their customers to rapidly deliver world-class technical software. Today component technologies from TS3D are used in over 300 commercial software applications . TS3D has offered a robust integration between their HOOPS 3D graphics framework and Parasolid for many years. Leveraged by customers worldwide the combination of HOOPS 3D Framework and Parasolid powers many of the world’s leading CAx applications.

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Visual Kinematics, Inc.

Visual Kinematics, Inc., or VKI, develops and supports DevTools, a suite of component software development toolkits that targets CAE applications. VKI is utilizing Parasolid to build an integration to their VisTools/Mesh, VglTools and VdmTools OEM component software offerings.

Learn More About Visual Kinematics, Inc.

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