KineoWorks software component is integrated into CAD, CAM, CMM and robotics systems to enable high-perfomance collision-free path planning in motion simulation and control environments. Diverse applications include:

  • Robot simulation, autonomy and control
  • Assembly/disassembly verification in digital mock-up
  • Accessibility analysis in cluttered environments
  • Human body kinematics, including interaction and accessibility studies

KineoWorks enables a comprehensive and automatic path planning capability. Kinematics simulation benefits from fast and accurate collision analysis/avoidance, regardless of motion complexity. Flexible tools enable you to analyse collisions along a trajectory, guarantee continuous collision avoidance along a trajectory, optimize a path, and satisfy user-defined clearances.

Trajectory optimization
KineoWorks includes algorithms for optimizing collision-free trajectories. Optimization criteria include length, cycle time and energy.

Sequence Optimization
Automatic point reordering minimizes total path length given an unordered or partially ordered list of inspection/machining positions and the tool motion type (joint or linear). An optimized tool sequence is computed while ensuring a collision-free path.

Robot simulation and control
In manufacturing applications, tool path optimizations specifically benefit pick and place, spot welding, arc welding, etc. Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) productivity is increased with automated computation of optimized sampling trajectories. Collaborative robot applications can use KineoWorks to respond to changes in the physical environment by computing new collision-free paths on-the-fly.

Swept Volume
KineoWorks can compute the swept volume of a part moving with a defined motion. Applications include space reservation in manikin, robotic, or articulated system motion studies.

Interactive Path Planning
Using any input device, you can interactively guide the simulated motion of an object while KineoWorks detects collisions and determines a close collision-free path. This approach combines your preferred solution with automated collision avoidance to provide highly efficient motion planning.

KineoWorks is a software component that has been carefully designed with OEMs and System Integrators in mind. Its portable architecture and C++/C# interfaces enable flexible integration with existing software systems. New software applications based on KineoWorks are easy to build using our complementary developer toolkit, KineoWorks™ Interact.

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