Kineo Industry Applications

Digital Mock-up, Robotics, Human Simulation and Other 3D Applications

More than 200 companies use Kineo industry solutions for deploying collision-free path planning and related tools in digital mock-up, robotics, human simulation and other 3D applications.

Kineo solutions are used in automotive, aerospace, energy, shipbuilding and manufacturing industry applications. Specific uses include:

  • Digital mock-up:
    • Collision-free assembly and disassembly simulation
    • Sequenced assembly studies
    • Accessibility analysis in cluttered environments
  • Robotics:
    • Autonomous robot navigation/manipulation
    • Robotic welding and part handling
    • Online/offline robot programming
  • Digital human simulation:
    • Human body kinematics and collision handling
    • Human assembly feasibility, accessibility and ergonomics
  • Manufacturing:
    • Final assembly process design
    • Device simulation
    • Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)
  • Architecture, engineering and construction:
    • Factory design
    • Building access studies
    • Maintenance and serviceability
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