JT Open Toolkit

The leading API for interoperability with the JT file format – the ISO standard format for viewing and sharing lightweight 3D product information

The JT Open Toolkit is a C++ application programming interface (API) that helps you support the JT file format in applications quickly and easily. The JT toolkit enables read/write capabilities for all available versions of JT, which ensures interoperability with the large community of JT-enabled applications. The JT Open toolkit also provides a range of functions, including:

  • Managing part- and assembly-level PMI so that JT PMI can be read directly into CAD models as live data and JT PMI content can be extracted and represented as PLM XML with PMI content
  • Reading and writing XT B-rep data, which enables the construction of Parasolid-compliant XT topology and geometry that accurately defines solid bodies and enables precise measurement and associations to product manufacturing information (PMI) in the JT file
  • Creating multiple tessellated data sets or levels of detail, including individual geometry, bodies, parts and assemblies that can preserve the associations to the underlying geometry and enable user interaction via the faceted model
  • Creating ultra-lightweight precise (ULP) data segments, quickly tessellated by supporting applications such as Teamcenter software lifecycle visualization and utilized when extremely small data files are preferred over load performance.
  • Supporting XML through additional functionalities provided with the PLM XML API

The JT Open Toolkit also includes a series of example programs to help you get to know the JT toolkit as well as utility programs for interacting with JT.

JT File Format

The JT file format is a CAD-neutral, openly published ISO standard (ISO 14306:2012) for viewing and sharing lightweight 3D product information. JT format is widely used by major manufacturing corporations in industries such as automotive, aerospace and industrial products. JT is usually the only format that is common to all of the major software applications used in an enterprise. The JT file format offers multiple 3D product representations, ranging from lightweight tessellated models to richer data representations with associations to the original CAD geometry, attributes, PMI, etc.

JT Open Program

The JT Open program is a unique program to help software vendors, manufacturers and interested parties leverage, promote and steer the JT file format for collaboration across the extended enterprise.

JT Open Toolkit Customers

Many independent software vendors (ISVs) adopt the JT Open Toolkit to enable existing and future products with access to JT. Through the use of the JT Open Toolkit, ISVs minimize development effort and are guaranteed 100 percent JT data compatibility. See a list of our ISV customers on the JT Vendor Members page:

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