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JT File Format Reference

JT™ is a high-performance, compact, persistent storage representation for product data, including product visualization data. The JT lightweight data format has proven performance in industries where best-in-class large-scale assembly and interactive modeling is required.

The JT format is designed to be integrated into enterprise translation solutions, producing a single set of 3D digital assets that support a full range of downstream processes from lightweight web-based viewing to full product digital mockups. The Format Reference concisely defines the physical organization and content of JT files. Siemens provides this reference to enable the discovery of uses for JT in work flows and business processes for current and future domains.

JT Open is a collaborative community of users, software vendors, and interested parties spanning the product lifecycle management value chain who share 3D data across their extended enterprises through the adoption of the JT format. In response to requests from JT Open Program members UGS is providing the JT File Format Reference enabling product visualization, collaboration and data sharing for the Global PLM Community.

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