Geolus Search

Geolus Search - a 3D geometry search engine with real benefits

If you know two parts are similar a world of possibilities opens.

  • Design time reductions - Reusing previously designed parts
    • Designer can reference existing designs and use available parts for new designs, make minor modifications to existing parts, or find a part that meets their precise requirements
    • See how others solved a similar problem and use existing components
  • Quick cost estimates and part cost reductions
    • Modifying cost structures of previously manufactured parts provides a quick estimate based, in-part, on actual cost
    • Simplifies comparison between suppliers even if parts are not identical
  • Inventory cost reductions
    • Unique parts may be eliminated at the design stage reducing inventory
  • Sourcing efficiency
    • Without any need for classifications parts names or order numbers, purchasing can gain a reliable market overview and compare parts available from different suppliers without having a designer's specialist knowledge.

PLM's search engine for development, controlling and procurement of parts.


Find and re-use existing parts in new concept studies


Design - Reusing both design and manufacturing information provides a faster and more efficient design process.

Procurement - Part costing is often dependant on geometric details for which automated costing procedures are not available. Cost estimates are simplified and more accurate when based on similar, previously manufactured, parts.


Reusing existing production plans and tooling. Consider the advantage of sheet metal bending, machine tools being setup to produce more than one part without requiring a setup or tool change.


Revise and optimize spare part sets, reduce inventory

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