Recent Releases of the D-Cubed Components

D-Cubed 2D Dimensional Constraint Manager

Software component that controls 2D parametric sketches in 2D and 3D design environments

2D DCM v67 (current) | 2D DCM v66 | 2D DCM v65 | 2D DCM v64 | 2D DCM v63

D-Cubed Profile Geometry Manager (PGM)

Software component that adds a range of productivity tools to CAD/CAM applications

PGM v67 (current) | PGM v66 | PGM v65 | PGM v64 | PGM v63

D-Cubed 3D Dimensional Constraint Manager (3D DCM)

Software component that positions parts in assemblies, simulates their kinematic motion and parametrically controls the configuration of 3D sketches and the shape of parts

3D DCM v52 (current) |3D DCM v51 | 3D DCM v50 | 3D DCM v49 | 3D DCM v48

D-Cubed Collision Detection Manager (CDM)

Software component that accurately and rapidly detects collisions and computes clearances

CDM v52 (current) |CDM v51 | CDM v50 | CDM v49 | CDM v48

D-Cubed Assembly Engineering Manager (AEM)

Software component that provides a more realistic and productive assembly environment

AEM v52 (current) |AEM v51 | AEM v50 | AEM v49 | AEM v48

D-Cubed Hidden Line Manager (HLM)

Software component that accurately and rapidly computes hidden line views

HLM v52 (current) |HLM v51 | HLM v50 | HLM v49 | HLM v48

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